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The Booksie Classic House

TJULEN AND HIS FRIEND (stupid unusual story that makes no sense, grammar is intentionally bad, read to the end) One upon a time he was old. Than he met she. She met him. Very well!!!!! They habe zu work in then was that. But they dont know that Teddy the… Read More
Hidden rooms of mending souls Read More
Leanerd, my friend wrote this, its about his day in kindergarden (he's eighteen) Read More
“Me, a donkey the symbol for a major political party?” “I am not even native to this land,” “It is like a foreign born becoming the President of this country,” pondered Jack, a donkey on the main land. “Well, donkey, in the land of immigrants, the donkeys and the elephants,… Read More
I became what I hated. I did something I'd continue to be regretful for. I was so caught up in the emotions that it got a very... Ummm unique ending Read More
It's self explanatory, the stupidest guy ever gets an amazing girls takes it for granted and the whole thing irritates me so bad. I can't stand it bthats my inspiration, read how I feel about it. Please comment with what you think of the situation. brown eyes(retarded eyes, inside joke)… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I want to see what you think of it. What does it mean to you? Read More
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