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Responding to a threatening transmission the Challenger returns to Terra II to confront an enemy that Michael and the crew of the Challenger have never faced before. Read More
A short article about how the Maltese Falcon flew to Hollywood and became famous - The bird - The Novel - The films history Read More
Ashley and Jack have traveled back in time again. They went from 2016 to 1940, just before America’s involvement in World War II. They were on a public relations flight dreamed up by the Pentagon to celebrate Ashley’s promotion to rear admiral, making her the youngest admiral in history. They’ve… Read More
This is the story of a young man who graduates from high school and joins the U.S. Army during WW II. He is shipped across the Atlantic to England for training and then off to a battle in Africa in which he has to lead a squad of men into… Read More

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Today we were gathered at the War Memorial in a hamlet called Kappel, which belongs to Freiburg, for it's Volkstrauertag, the day the people of Germany think and pray for the sons of Kappel (and other hamlets, town and cities) who fell in the two Great Wars. The World War… Read More

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A soldier is rewarded generously for avenging the death of a young POW. This is the prequel to my novella, Ice Cold, coming soon, Read More

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A Change of Heart – See what happens when an Israeli assassin is sent back in time to exterminate a young Adolf Hitler and all of a sudden makes a choice that forever alters his people’s horrid past. Read More
A good book should always be read twice - or more often if necessary. Books are living breathing creatures and they always have something more to tell you. Read More
Hello, this is my first contest and I was hoping a lot of people could join or participate. This contest is for ideas and Inspiration. This will help beginner writers become more advanced and already advanced writers to keep writing. This contest will express how you write and best of… Read More
As the Second Infantry Division moves into France from Normandy, a small detachment begins to clear the buildings in the French countryside. In a small, forgotten village they stumble upon a church, desecrated by the Nazi's and now abandoned. Inside they discover a group of hooded about to sacrifice a… Read More
This work is a written out story of the plot of Dream Theater's music album, "Metropolis pt. II: Scenes from a Memory." Read More
As the Guild King longs for a hard fought peace, his enemies strive to bring unrest to the delicate power balance in the kingdom. All the while, the Prophets desperately seek to silence the increasingly popular voices questioning their connection to the Divines as the King’s number one man questions… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A man discovers a Greater Power upon the strange, dry surface of X-32. Read More

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in a flashback to 1945, Maxwell Donahue serves in World War II, Calvin Zimmerman and Nicholas Donahue solve murders in Hansbay and Connor Lautenberg and his family move from Europe to find a better life in America Read More
It's the midst of World War II and Tom's just been enlisted. He isn't thrilled and his friend Emma isn't either, and as they sit contemplating the news they don't quite know what to say to each other. (An experment in writing the same thing in two different point of… Read More
One private + one bully + sunk ship = revenge. Read More

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This is a short story about a boy that goes to his grandfathers thinking he has to listen to his boring world war two stories but is he in for a suprise! Read More
Colleen Carlyle is a nineteen year old who was orphaned at a young age and must live on her own in the near future of 2029. When she is pulled into the aftermath of a war erased from history by a powerful telepath, she discovers that she bears a striking… Read More
Review on the popular xbox game Halo: REACH Read More

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February 07, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

After heartbreak it seems that Joey just can't find love. But maybe love has been wanting to find him. Caleb a part time writer and Dean of a college has finally found someone who has peaked his interest. Can Joey's heart accept him or will fate throw another curve causing… Read More
A look into my new project: The Rightful Heir, What is it? A blog novel... EDIT: New Character Page is out! READ READ READ! Read More
My ongoing attempt at a film noir type novel centered around espionage in World War II America. Slightly alternative history. Read More
An eighteen-year-old boy marries the girl of his dreams on the verge of the Second World War. Read More
A poem about a young Jewish boy facing death by gas in a concentration camp. Read More

Book / Young Adult

November 01, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Millie is just a just a teenager when you look at her but she has a disorder that impairs her at times and makes her feel like she is is the best and on top of the world but within days she falls and sinks into depression. That’s right its… Read More
A young girl remembers her brother, who died in World War II... Read More
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