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The Booksie Classic House

It has been five years since Hinamori Amu had seen Ikuto, and now she is in Year 12, almost graduating. What happens next? Read More
Are there any Shugo Chara Fans out there?? I would like to know because I might make a Shugo Chara page with pictures, music, etc. Please comment of you are a fan!!! Read More
Ikuto and Amu are trying to the best of the best in the 'Summer Night Bull'!But theres a problem:Both of them can't dance!They ask for help,but also learn more about each other. Read More

Tags: bull, ikuto, amu

A short Fan-Fiction.Amu and Ikuto are classmates that don't get along from Amu's side.Amu is the only one in the world that can be mean to Ikuto.Except of that,they need to work together in a tiny cafe named "Cafe' Kiki".But Amu's nightmare just began when she heard the news. Read More
Starring Amu H. and Ikuto T. Read More

Book / Humor

January 19, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Ikuto's diary Read More

Tags: diary, ikuto, tsukyomi

Preveiw for this chapter: I looked out the cold, wet window. Streaks of water were flodding most of my view, but I could see the fast moving picture of trees and barren out it. The train jerked sideways. "Here's your drink mist-" I cut the waiter off with a cold… Read More

Tags: ikuto, amu, trian

Yuki Vlasatyt is a Russian orphan. She lives with her adoptive family in Japan. Yuki has learned Japanese, but she still has a strong Russian accecent, so she gets teased. One day, she was getting teased by some boys in her grade, and a girl, whos name is Amu, tells… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Amu is 16 and living in the United States and has become emo. Ikuto comes to declare his love for her after searching for his dad and finds out his love has become a total mess. Depressing story... amuto (a few kisses)... and murder... and a bit of swearing (nothing… Read More
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