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The Booksie Classic House

In the year leading up to the Great Depression, Clyde, the most wanted man in America, plans to knock over the great Glory Federal. Read More
Enter the underworld which exists beneath ordinary day. It is set in the modern world, where people turn to groups of magicians for escapist entertainment. And it is also a public secret that these magicians commit acts of capery (crime) for themselves, when they're not performing tricks for the audience.… Read More
FOR YU-GI-OH! FANS! A 4-part novelization of episodes 38-39 of Yu-Gi-Oh!-Yugi vs. Pegasus, in the Shadow Realm. Will Yugi Mutou succumb to the pressures and dangers of the Shadow Realm? Can Yami stand to watch his partner suffer? Or will the increase in danger only prove furthermore that two minds… Read More
'Abe Riveran was an illusionist, but the gun he pointed at the head of his ten year old son was real. There was no audience, and it was not a magic trick. It was murder...' Read More
Simply a poem of my current thoughts. Read More
Ummm well it was inspired about a girl clearly. Yep. Read More

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Got bored. Through a few ideas done. Here is the result Read More
My mind tends to disagree with itself too often. I view things from every perspective, some collide and are very complex to resolve... still cant explain it good enough... oh well Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

***I am re-writing this...again. This time instead of starting the POV change randomly, it's going to be there from the start...and I'm changing some of the story as well**** Sipora is the newest student at Crystlwood High School. Her power is one of the rarest around and when a group… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Illusionist. Where my pen name arrived Read More

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