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A poem on how money has thwarted humanity in the world Read More
We need to stop thinking like us and start thinking like Christ. It's easier said than done, but sanctification is important. Read More
Series titled "Not Your Grandma's Bible Stories" In this piece a teenage Sister Wife suffers a night of physical and sexual abuse which is a culmination of all the men in her life failing her. Read More
This essay examines the moral vices that exist in the American society and their impacts upon it.... Read More

Poem / Horror

June 24, 2010

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When you actually find a person that you feel he or she is chasing you for removing your happiness because they hasn't got one. This poem shows revenge in their minds but at the end it turns out bad on them. Read More
Their fate was death, hearts were shattered and eyes were frozen. Olympia and her friend Atina died at the end because of their big mistake, but the horse servived. Read More
Each religion has helped mankind. Paganism increased the light of beauty, the largeness and height of human life. Christianity gave him some vision of divine love and charity; Buddhism has shown him a noble way to be wiser, gentler and purer. Judaism and Islam have shown how to be religiously… Read More
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