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Echo has a death wish. Ever since she was a child, she hoped to meet a bitter end. Yet no matter how many times she tried, she managed to live to tell the story. But things started to change when she became a Slayer and came across the vampire who… Read More
The sequel to Immortal Pariah--it begins where the epilogue leaves off. Cassie is stolen away from college for an emergency. Having no idea what is going on she starts to have strange dreams over and over again where her best friend, Antoshka Petrov, is a villain. Unsure what she is… Read More
The Epilogue to Immortal Pariah. Where the world comes back together and falls away again. The werewolves might be dead but their deaths are only the beginning of the end for poor Cassie for the worst is yet to come. The Vampires are rising to power. It's the dawn of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A lonely, strange boy, Antoshka, is cursed with magic powers that he is unable to understand. It leads to the deaths of everybody who he loves, but somehow, it all leads to him meeting Robbie a handsome young boy who he quickly learns is a werewolf. The two fall in… Read More
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