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The alliance of Islam with socialism is necessary, but it must be the alliance of pure Islam with pure Leninism Read More
A short story based on the Book of Revelation. I wrote this last year (2011) for an assignment to construct an original narrative. The first story arc follows Eligos, one of the arch dukes of Hell in demonology, leading up to the storming of the devils on the human world.… Read More
We will talk about those representatives of Comintern who represented oppressed eastern peoples and advocated the alliance with Islamic revolution in colonies; who, remaining faithful to anti-imperialist spirit of Leninism, opposed Stalinist counter-revolution and new Russian (Soviet) imperialism and whose names were concealed by Stalinist-Brezhnevist “communist” bourgeoisie for decades Read More

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While there was a chain of events that directly led to the fighting, the actual root causes are much deeper. The Causes of World War One were Alliances, Imperialism, Militarism, and Nationalism. I will be going into the detail of these matters to explain the events that triggered the World… Read More
This is a modern day adaptation of Babar, set in my hometown, New York City. Though I focus on Babar, I was strongly influenced by Rudyard Kipling’s poem the White Man’s Burden which revolves around the concepts of doling out control and a self righteous sense of importance that is… Read More
A British Colonel relates to the Marshall of the Empire (Africa) on what happened to his columns in Somali Dervish territory. Read More
The Dervish Army in Somalia fought off the British until the 1920's, when they brought airplanes to the country, making Somalia the second to last nation in Africa to fall under colonial rule. Read More
The Dervish Commander, Muhammed Abdullah Hassan, is rallying his troops on the eve of one of this many battles with the British to preserve my ancestral home. Read More
Edi Leete, an agent from the PACTlands, infiltrates a village. The villagers are reluctant for her kind of change... Read More

Essay / War and Military

December 12, 2009

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An essay I wrote in response to a history test question, "what were the causes of the first World War?" Read More

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A criticism of imperial attitudes Read More
It would be unfair and unjust if India does not acknowledge the contribution Britain, and the West in general, made to its well being and prosperity. Read More
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