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Well, these are translations from English in Bulgarian of quite different humorous verses, nonsenses, calembours, and limericks, according to the choice of the translator; in addition to this are given also the originals in English, as well as a bit of some difficult for translation things. Read More
These are translations from German in Bulgarian of some light and humorous verses. Included are things that the author has found interesting and funny, where best of all is represented Erich Kestner, then follow Wilhelm Bush, Christian Morgenstern, and others, but everything is fragmented, without systematic (with the exception… Read More
So this is quite big collection of light and humoristic poetry in Bulgarian including nearly everything , or more precisely: almost serious things, parodies of songs, political things (some part of what is in the “Vyrlo Demokratsko”), light sexy, nasty things, epitaphs, nonsenses, limericks, calembours, acrostics, and even an Afterword.… Read More
Well, this is collection of “utterly” democratic verses, or, respectively, anti-democratic such, yet in Bulgarian, which I of course will never translate in English, but they are masked as English because there are no “other” languages here; for this reason they are transliterated in my usual way. Maybe I… Read More
This is collection of children verses, for young and old, boys and girls, yet in Bulgarian, which I surely don’t intend to translate in English, but here they are masked as English because there are no other languages; for this reason they are transliterated in my usual way. In… Read More
This is one very big letter in Bulgarian, and intended for Bulgarians, yet it looks very strange being transliterated with Latin chars. It concerns some pension curiosities, advices to the pensioners, propositions for their bettering, a meaning about the social policy in Bulgaria, about the fight with the misery,… Read More
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