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The Booksie Classic House

chris a new employee finds himself linked to a criminal organization. Read More

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Ricky and Ian are trying to find out the real reason behind the reason why Ricky's grandfather had died. They are left to see a horrific occurrence that will change their way of life. Read More

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Cat is a soldier. But he's not like most soldiers. You see, he likes games-the Cat's Cradle, specifically. In a dystopian city, where games and entertainment are forbidden, Cat himself becomes a danger to the system. Then again, if the life you're living right now seems too real, could it… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"The Missing Shade of Blue" takes on a light exploration into the differences between our mind's capabilities and our imposed limits. With a tinge of escapism, it is open to interpretation as dreams would be to their dreamer. It retains its title from the concept of creating our own color. Read More
Poem about inspiration, our power and ability to create. Read More
Aden Lynn Thorne has been dreaming. She's never been a dreamer, to be honest, but when the dreams include battle wounds when she wakes up and the guy of her dreams, she doesn't know what to expect any more. A world with superpowers, bullies, and a shadow or two results… Read More
This is an introduction to lucid dreaming. A very fascinating subject. Read this series and you'll be able to take control of your dreams! Read More
Det. Ben Thompson and det. Anna Moore are trying to solve a serial rape and murder case. Their last victim, and the only one alive, is Ava Sullivan. She can identify her attacker, but refuses to make any human contact. The only way to get the needed information is to… Read More
Spilling Hearts Ink on December 5. © All rights reserved The quill scratches parchment, the bleeding begins. The emotion guided hand, conducts orchestrated verse. The tactful artistic prose, creates visualized panoramas. The poetic scribe's inception, spilling hearts ink. Read More
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