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This is a University project that I had to do. The task was to write an informal essay. I decided to write about how I fell in love with writing and how I overcame a bought of depression. I hope this read brightens up your day and eases some tension… Read More
How would you feel if you had to live with everyones thoughts, feelings, and emotions? This is what Fyre Vander had lived with every day of her life. She can feel herself crumbling away slowly, as she desperately grasps for someone to cling on to. But who can she trust… Read More
Disintised Society is an Ultra-Violent Post-Apocalyptic Action Drama based around the contentious relationships of three characters wandering through the desert. 'Years after the last bomb had fallen; when the rain still burned our skin; most of the world was dead. Survivors were forced out of their homes from the valleys… Read More
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