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When Radha, a village girl, is sold to Rohan, a broken, empty, monster of a King, how long can she hide her heart from him, and how long can he hide his face from her? ~*~ Born into a poor village and sold into slavery, Radha doesn't expect to be… Read More
Written while in India at an ashram studying yoga & meditation. Read More
On one hand, this ‘book of logic ‘n reasoning’ appraises the Islamic faith shaped by the sublimity of Muhammad's preaching in Mecca and the severity of his sermons in Medina, which together make it Janus-faced to bedevil the minds of the Musalmans. That apart, aided by “I’m Ok – You’re… Read More
The author would like to point out that this book is intended for adults due to it containing detailed imagery of : Death and Murder. Torture. Strong Bloody Violence. Hard-line Racism. Homophobia. Animal Cruelty. Detailed Sexual Activity. (comedy, farce, absurdity, and retribution, are used as a counterbalance to the above)… Read More
This article is about the municipality in West Bengal, India. For its namesake subdivision, see Kalna subdivision. For its namesake community development block, see Kalna I. For another namesake community development block, see Kalna II. Kalna Ambika Kalna City Kalna Temple Complex Kalna Temple Complex Nickname(s): The Temple City Kalna… Read More
A lot of people think that it is just impossible to live in some under-developed rural areas while modern city life can provide a person with almost everything that one could only imagine. However, such active and bustling way of life is not for everyone. There are a lot of… Read More
A Journey to Gurudongmar Lake Read More

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In my college days, I used to attract a lot towards the others. I think that everyone feels this. Now, whenever I remember that just make laugh and I tell myself, how foolish I was? Read More

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January 27, 2020

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Let's face it, teenagers are a mess. Asha Anand is a perfection striving girl that will do anything to secure the top scholarship at her school. First, the scholarship, then become rich, and then possibly world domination? Only one person stands in the way of achieving this dream is Ethan… Read More
It's an article on how democracy in India is being tyrannized. Read More
Excerpt: "The problem is that we shout a lot and do nothing. A lot of writing happens, a lot of sharing happens but we fail to contribute sufficiently towards achieving something on the ground. I feel that we are so obsessed with words that we fail to understand that if… Read More
this book is about the adventure of arni she just recently moved to India and she has to deal with multiple family problems plus love problems Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is about my real life experience when my Car was hard hit in a bump and I met my Lady of Death... Read More

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In 1763, Bombai, a young girl named Natrisha falls in love with a British soldier John. As her family and his fleets are both against it. Read More

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It's about the transition of Calcutta from the Colonial days to the 21st millennium Read More
Warning: some people might find this distressing. Cover image: Read More

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One night the rain falls heavily in Mumbai, the rain did not stop and it continues to rain that night. It was very scary because of the sound ,the thunder and the lighting at the deep night ,I and my brother was very scared ,at last we slept .The morning… Read More
This is a time we must be evergreen making every village across India still greener and smarter for every common farmers dreams. :) Read More
My chapter is the start of my journey from when i had the courage to leave an unhealthy marriage and move to the other end of the country to begin my new life. I will continue on sharing my quest to find love in the modern dating world and how… Read More
It is the year 2043 CE and four years remain for India’s 100th anniversary of the Peoples’ rule. Ashoka has been chosen by the majority of the people to lead them. However, Ashoka is reluctant as he has a more important mission on hand. He has been trained by the… Read More
His grandson asks Kamal Banerjee what's the most heroic thing you have done.. Read More

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November 23, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

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Love at first sight! Instant connect! Eyes locked and something feathery going around in the pit of the stomach……all concurred up to the ‘Butterfly Effect’! A comfortable, perceivable love story yet one that turns your insides into mush. A social message beautifully woven which subconsciously finds a place in the… Read More

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September 28, 2018

How do you finance a higher education these days? Well - creatively. But one young woman never identified by name wants people to understand a little more about living life as a "sugarbaby" (the kept mistress of a wealthy "sugardaddy") - and so she starts a blog to explain… Read More

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September 09, 2018

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This book is guided by its summary. I state it as "Untouched track living within your soul ! Will A Soul Give Birth for Its Gestures?" May be this opinion will bring more delight how I will mention simple details for our wider audience. :) Read More
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