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It is the year 2043 CE and four years remain for India’s 100th anniversary of the Peoples’ rule. Ashoka has been chosen by the majority of the people to lead them. However, Ashoka is reluctant as he has a more important mission on hand. He has been trained by the… Read More
His grandson asks Kamal Banerjee what's the most heroic thing you have done.. Read More

Short Story / Romance

November 23, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

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Love at first sight! Instant connect! Eyes locked and something feathery going around in the pit of the stomach……all concurred up to the ‘Butterfly Effect’! A comfortable, perceivable love story yet one that turns your insides into mush. A social message beautifully woven which subconsciously finds a place in the… Read More
How do you finance a higher education these days? Well - creatively. But one young woman never identified by name wants people to understand a little more about living life as a "sugarbaby" (the kept mistress of a wealthy "sugardaddy") - and so she starts a blog to explain… Read More

Poem / Other

September 09, 2018

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Book / Romance

August 21, 2018

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The church mouse productions House

Eli Sorensson happily boards a plane bound for India: to take a new job, and as he says himself "to live in truth" - although he, himself, finds it difficult to explain exactly what he means. But, once installed in the Pink City of Jaipur, he not only discovers… Read More
This book is guided by its summary. I state it as "Untouched track living within your soul ! Will A Soul Give Birth for Its Gestures?" May be this opinion will bring more delight how I will mention simple details for our wider audience. :) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The sweetest accident in my life Read More

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I hate getting told things last minute ... Read More

Poem / Non-Fiction

April 02, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A tribute to my lovely homecountry whose I'm proud to be a citizen.... The country is much more than what I've written... I've only tried to create a basic impression of it.... Read More

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This collection of short stories written for children is really special: personal achievements, travelling around stories and folktales to amazing countries and cultures, researching- something we love doing for everything we write-, and moreover, because at some point, we decided to make it together, the revision, the changes, the… Read More
Travelling enriches the soul, that's what I believe. I love to travel to different places and one of my favourite places to travel is India especially the Himalayas. Mountains do teach you a lot. Read More

Book / Other

February 18, 2018

The ancient village Ekachakra is being terrorized by a demon who seems to be constantly hungry, and not just for food, but for people. Bhima Pandavas, a famous hero of his kingdom, has concocted a plan to stop him- But when it proves to be not enough, he must… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Good guy, bad guy - what if I told you these two men never existed? When a life is taken at 2:30 AM on Saturday, December 21st in the city of Mumbai, all hell breaks loose. This is the story of that murder - and the bloodbath, revenge, and… Read More
Intolerance and Discrimination in India - a humorous take Read More
the international book fair that is held in kolkata towards the beginning of every year has gradually grown to be a cultural confluence. the event is in its 42nd year now and has never failed to charm its visitors. the article discusses, in brief, this amazing aspect, along with… Read More
'Zilchonaire' is a story about people with nothing in their pockets, but hearts full of hope, love and relentless courage, in the midst of struggling times oscillating between two countries - India and Bangladesh. Stories which emanated from small places ignored by the fast paced world of "free-will and… Read More

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The CLOG House

A short, true-life, light-hearted look at being ill on holiday in India. Read More
India Read More

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It mainly shows how Indian parents trade their son value during marriage for dowry. Read More

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It's a senirio of traveling by bus in India, what type of people you will observe there ways of thug life is incredible. Such Street smartness is good or bad, is a tropic to be discuss. Read More
Your effort will make some big story so real here. May this effort do bigger things in our dream here. I have just made this epic for the next 50 years what we need to rethink in every making. :) Read More
A young couple find themselves on the brink of an arranged marriage, when they devise a plan to leave and make it while trying to find something a little more than they expected. Read More
*The first south Indian movie compacted into story form.* *NOTE: In India, Vicky can be used as a male name, as it has been in this story* Maya, meet Vicky the police man. Vicky, meet Maya the media woman. And now that pleasantries are over, let me take you on… Read More
The circle of life is sometimes broken by greed, and sometimes by accident, but Karma does not care which; --- it seems. Read More
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