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What happens when an ancient prototype Dreamcatcher gets filled up? It bursts, taking the dreamer to an alternate world where nightmares are the order of the day. Read More
A quick weekend short for review chain's contest. Read More
song lyric about the legend of the Cherokee Rose during the sad Trail of Tears Read More
a song lyric about the famous Sioux warrior, Crazy Horse Read More
song lyric about the legendary Apache chief, Geronimo Read More
Former astronaut Jewel Mills refused to disclose the details of her last space voyage to anyone. Not a coworker. Not a friend. Not even after retirement. When the press blamed her for impeding the advancement of science, she retained her stubborn silence and lived in contentment. Gia has followed in… Read More
Presbyterian missionary, John Dunbar, travels light years from his sedate eastern world to live with the Pawnee Read More
For over a decade on the warpath, White Bull can't get enough of the warrior life. Eventually that life will thrust him into history at the Battle of the Little Big Horn Read More
A colorful glimpse into the life and times of Geronimo IF YOU HAVE TIME, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT, thanks! Read More
A lot of people think that it is just impossible to live in some under-developed rural areas while modern city life can provide a person with almost everything that one could only imagine. However, such active and bustling way of life is not for everyone. There are a lot of… Read More

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In my college days, I used to attract a lot towards the others. I think that everyone feels this. Now, whenever I remember that just make laugh and I tell myself, how foolish I was? Read More
Indian or Indians refers to people or things related to India, or to the indigenous people of the Americas, or Aboriginal Australians until the 19th century. Here, we will talk about the Indigenous peoples of the Americas, the pre-Columbian inhabitants of North America. Daniel was an Indian. He was one… Read More
This is a retort to a real article written by a Washington post writer. I wrote back in a satirical short story to bring him into the real world of the Indian reservations, of which I know a lot about. It is funny. Read More

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A poem and drawing that I wrote and drew. Read More
It mainly shows how Indian parents trade their son value during marriage for dowry. Read More

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Fastest growing sport in America....agile and quick runners...think on your sport for both boys or girls...scholarship for high school players. Read More
India is a country of diversity, every kind of people live here , different religion co-exists here together, but still due to some people that brotherhood , that love in between two communities gets disturbed and they stop trusting to the other community peoples. This story is about a conversation… Read More
Capsaicin hallucinations in the kitchen vapours once again spark the chilli-twisted urges of a ravening spicehead. Housekeeper diverted by the parlour port bottle, Pickles bolts. Brown Betty stews amongst the abandoned dinner things. From the gate of his Victorian home, Pickles doffs his trilby. The female figure at the bay… Read More
A young, unnamed girl faces the emotional and physical cruelty of an arranged marriage into the Indian culture and must face these hardships constantly, and all alone, as her parents use her to achieve their own goals of status.The story reveals the small things she does to cope and finally… Read More
What are you looking for your ideal life partner? Beauty , Talent , Love , compatibility, may be bank balance also ... or there is some thing some thing else as well... Read More

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Love has not yet defined in its perfect way. It's different to different people. Safety and security for a woman is necessary. But, as a human being and as an intellectual creature, there should be some rules and regulations to each genders in life. Here, the author himself is attracted… Read More
A young man seeks an answer from an old man, but a mouse had the answer. Read More
Love story of an indian girl & firangi boy who is from london. The story is about how they met & fall in love. Read More
Another chapter in the never ending saga of the Legendary Big Mama, her All American Culinary Expertise and All American Gourmet Kitchen. "Then one day, she walked into the local Target to get some feminine hygiene products for some fallen male police detectives who had wandered into her shelter with… Read More
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