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The Booksie Classic House

A look at the self-publishing industry and its impact. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Every thing in this life has a value, whether it is money, relationships, happiness, career, life or even the numbers on a receipt. More often than not, however, this value is assigned by us through our emotions but realistically how relevant are these valuations ? This Short story explores.....… Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

Stuck for a title? Can't think of a cover? Then visit my blog page for some inspiration. Read More
High with weed. Read More

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Short Story / Young Adult

December 05, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

"There was something about her." "There was something about him." "One day it will slip, and I'll tell her." "I'll find duck tape." Read More
Hello everyone, I am sure that many people are familiar with the youtuber Markiplier. Well a few years back he had played the indie game 'Anna'. It was a game which triggered a number of fan theories regarding it's plot primarily due to its consistently ambiguous nature. The following story… Read More
A young man and his lover decide to take a road trip. But things are not as they seem. Read More
Meera is a housewife, Ritesh and Arshi are students, Ram and Zubin hold respectable jobs. Life is tangled and they are going to experience it, soon. Read More
The is episode 2 in the Space Age Stories. This is the first mission that Captain John Thatcher and his crew will be taking. Does everything go ok, or will the run in to problems? Find out! Read More
The world is currently inhabited by 7 billion souls, and has been rotating steadily for over 4.5 billion years. And I am so glad that somehow, fate allowed my existence to align with yours. Read More
just an idea i put online to show my brother Read More

Tags: space, cosmos, rare, indie

After being contacted by Aaron Yamir—Director over the Alnwick Institute and its Patient-Visitor Program—Rosalyn believes the routine of ‘How are you feeling’ will be all that is to come. When she meets Markus, her opinion changes. Infamous for his connection to the Grove Place murders, Markus was found ‘not guilty’… Read More
Noddy is a 200 year old woman who has the wonderful gift of never dying, she is an immortal, the only way she could die, was if she chose to end her life herself, although she had never contemplated this, until she meets Lola. Noddy had never met anybody quite… Read More

Book / Humor

December 09, 2013

"It's sad to say goodbye to someone who became a part of your life. It's hard to admit that the moments you've shared have lost its meaning, how change affected the good memories of the past. You'll just stare at them walking away from your life and taking a part… Read More
BASED ON TRUE FACTS: On a simple late night jog, I've finally come across my first super-natural experience. I've met a girl who could not find her way home. The very next day I tried to help her towards the light. I can only hope she took my advice, Lord… Read More
Through raw expression and personal experience comes the tale of two battered souls. Told from the perspective of poetry, Vincent & Dina immerse readers into a world where heavy hearts thrive, love double-crosses, and passion begs to be fulfilled; a place where pain becomes clarity, and scars become roadmaps that… Read More
A short story that is the product of having too much time alone and being in love. the dreams within this tale, i actually had, although they have been expanded and elaborated upon. I do this as an exercise if i have an interesting or at least memorable dream, i… Read More
Suicidal Teddy Grey meets Violet Griffin and her enigmatic group of friends who become determined to give him the ultimate high school experience. Read More
Song lyrics: a calm indie folk-y song about missing someone. Read More
Teddy Grey reluctantly enters high school after several suicide attempts and a rather long recovery time at a mental hospital. He is dangerously close to giving up on everything he's ever known until he meets high school punk ass Violet Griffin and her outcast, yet highly enigmatic group of friends… Read More
A day in the life of a young boy stuck behind a desk in a sweltering classroom in West Africa. Read More
"Our assignment was to write about the person who changed our lives the most. The day I met him at the Laundromat he was wearing a Backstreet Boy's t-shirt, one blue sock and one polka dot sock, and was carrying one of those old Polaroid cameras." The unusual metamorphosis of… Read More
Pretty funny tale called my life...Everything you read is true, every bit of it. it's just really a little bit of my funny thoughts and how i feel about that certain some one, but i'm too afraid to admit it, so just comment...and stuff... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A young man travels back in time to save the life of his girlfriend. Read More
Sucide is not for popular girls, or anyone. Read More
My name is Elena Andrews and I recently completed a life long dream by publishing my first book, Run Like Hell. Run Like Hell is a YA Thriller at just over 40,000 words that I am self publishing as an ebook for 1.99. Blurb: Seventeen-year-old Morgan Butler has already violated… Read More

Book / Young Adult

January 11, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

After his junior year in high school, Duncan Knight plans to spend the summer break laying low and completely falling off of his class mates maps after being in the accident that killed his older brother. But his plans completely change when he meet Evelyn Sage, The Evelyn Sage; the… Read More
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