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A short poem I wrote while riding the train into the city. Read More
Absentia is alone in the world, though when a unexpected trip takes her to a new dystopian world she realizes what loneliness truly is. Read More
Inspired by the Industrial revolution spreading to the United States. More mother son relationship then industrial Read More
Daniel Bell, the American sociologist who coined the terms ‘post-industrial’ and ‘the information society’ and predicted the end of communism, the rise of the internet and other trends long before they occurred. The Coming of Post-Industrial Society Bell suggested that we are moving into a new phase of society, where… Read More
A soldier in the Loyalist army tries to cope with the violence in a civil war which has scarred all its touched. Read More
CARRERA Jesús Tadeo Yee Jiménez Téllez nació un 17 de mayo en la ciudad de culiacan Sinaloa, México. Es el segundo de los tres hijos. Estudió la primaria en la localidad en que vivía en consecuencia continuo con la secundaria y bachillerato en unidades privadas. Licenciado en Derecho egresado de… Read More
CIUDAD DE MÉXICO ( — Datos personales -Nombre completo Jesus Tadeo Yee Jimenez Tellez Actualmente es licenciado en derecho con especialidad penalista teniendo cedula profesional para litigar como cedula especial de funcionario y por parte del poder judicial de la federación. -Ocupación Abogado Empresario -Licenciatura Derecho -Maestria Ciencias penales Psiquiatria… Read More
For generations, Chiid has been ruled by a harsh and oppressive system. Those not born into power were always destined to be trampled by it, and no one could do anything about it. That is about to change. Technology has changed, and so have the mindsets of the people. Even… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Rodrick Flame is a greedy man consumed by money and his work. But he is sucked into a world full of life and good people and preserved land. He will have to start appreciating the things that he took for granted. Or not? Rodrick meets friends, enemies, and tragedy in… Read More
Your thoughts are not entirely your own... a bright student... with a promising life... when suddenly you awake and you're a robot! in the future! now a vast all-powerful intelligence is after your brain!! A mind-boggling odyssey into the future leads to alien worlds, alternate timelines and neural nets. Ultimately… Read More
ABSTRACT: In order to address some of the pollution problems affecting the aquatic water bodies four sediments streams were analysed in Ibadan for effluents discharge impact. The levels of the levy metal contamination which indicate the actual level of the stream pollution were studies using Atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The result… Read More
ABSTRACT Four Ibadan stream were sampled during the months of May and June 2009. Eight sampling points were selected on each river. Two down stream, four upstream, one at effluent point and one at the point of discharge. Surface water sampled for the river were collected (Ona, OSun, Eleyerele and… Read More
A peaceful hobo, with a sad past, lives in the outskirts of town in an abandoned water tower. But his uneventful life of sleeping, eating and reading is about to be turned upside down by a violent, peculiar girl and her bizarre "Calcium Kids" organization. But he finds an unlikely… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A work in progress about the fall of Atlantis and humanity's loss of magic. The story of a city, a sword and a family with a steampunk aesthetic. Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 06, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

I was inspired by the tower at Wynyard :) Read More

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