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Moral Revolution is a story set during the Second Industrial Revolution, in a fictional city in the United States. In the story, the protagonist, Blake, engages in an action-packed struggle against a corrupt corporate leader named Everett Crucible. The struggle has a personal aspect to it; Crucible had burned the… Read More
Confessions of RX 1421, also known as The Orderly, or simply Ruler of the Earth! Read More
The Industrial Revolution and its effects. Read More
An insane reporter interviews a young factory worker. I had to write this for school. It's god-awful, but I'll share it anyway. Supposed to be somewhat funny and stupid. Read More
end world problems inspiration from jonathon swift's "moderate proposal" Read More
This article is an account of what it would have been like to live in a Back to Back house in Nineteenth Century England. These were once the most commonest form of housing and were built in response to a specific housing need at the time. In the wake of… Read More
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