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As a former Chef and Baker I have found that for me, personally the culinary world with it's endless ingredients and recipes is daunting and at times overwhelming. But I mean this in a positive way as enthusiasm for something with no limits on skill and creativity… Read More
This is an info sheet about the main characters in my fan series of the book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. My fan series is called Diary Of A Fan Kid and is published on Read More
"We believe in freedom of information" - Atlas Dom is the new recruit in an international organisation who 'hack' into Governments around the world. Read More
Hello if you would like to place a add read this. Read More

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The energy resources are running out and everyone is desperate to get some. A tournament is being held to see which city gets it. However, there is one participant, a timid girl with a wrapped eye who doesn't want anything but to help her parents to be cured from an… Read More
This is the Mystery And Fantasy Contest ^^ Info below Read More
Information on Double Dutch in short story form Read More

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Hello! Below you will find the basic info and characters for my new novel 'Avery Matthews, three boys, a girl and one dorm.' I wrote this novel when I was younger, but I never finished it. Now I'd like to share the rewritten version of it with you. Newly looked… Read More
Even if you didn't read my novel, here are the characters of the everlasting fire!!! :D and I accidently clicked short story sooooo this is like page one, on friday look for THE EVERLASTING FIRE CHARACTER NAMES! Read More
This is biography for two main characters Kenta and Irene Read More

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October 15, 2011

I met this nice girl named Emily and I wrote this for her Read More

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November 01, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Millie is just a just a teenager when you look at her but she has a disorder that impairs her at times and makes her feel like she is is the best and on top of the world but within days she falls and sinks into depression. That’s right its… Read More
a little more about me!!!! Read More

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My parents decided what’s best for me since before I was even born. What school I was to be accepted in, what university I was to continue my studies at, who I was to marry, the list I swear was endless. My parents called me their ‘little angel’, only I… Read More
Seamus Finnigan knows Sophie Lyons likes him. Sophie knows Seamus likes her. So why aren’t they together? Because they have a friendship that could potentially be ruined if they were together. But sometimes staying apart when you feel this way for one another can ruin things too, especially when others… Read More
The J R Perry Show has gone global this Talk show has be around for many years now we are blessed to lock into his Show vis internet on LOVE DROP RADIO.COM The J R Perry Show aims to inform and unlift every listners worlwide Read More
Falling in love with a jerk is one thing...doing it again... Read More

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