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Script / Humor

July 03, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

6 souls is a social awakening play to explain the different type of people living at various level of society. It makes realization about each one contribution for welfare and unity of society. Characters : A Narrator of play Raj - a guide. Jwalaprasad - a wealthy man. Mahesh -the… Read More
Eric Birling's opinion of his and his family's involvement in the death of Eva Smith and how it could have been avoided in the story Inspector Calls. Read More
People in high places and in influential government positions are dying, but they aren't dead after all(?). What's the deal? Read More
He is chosen to go on a mission. Many people are looking for him. What is he going to do now? Read More
Triple homicide in a quiet English township. What really goes on behind the doors of Town Hall? Read More
NSFW Gadget and Prince finish a mission on a high note. And by 'high' I mean whale noises. Read More
Alternative Title: '$300 Dress!' Series Based On: Go Go Gadgetinis Characters Featured: Inspector/Lt. Gadget, Inspector Prince, Penny, Akio Ichiro Gadget, Yumi Gadget, Chief Quimby, Chief Littlewood. Theme: Curiosity, love, letting go, perseverance, passion. Info: Prince doesn't want to go to the crime fighting ball due to last times events of… Read More
Title: "How Could You Forget Bread?" Series Based On: Go Go Gadgetinis Fanseries Characters Featured: Inspector Prince, Akio Ichiro Gadget, Yumi Gadget. Theme: Family, Shopping, Love Extra Info: Written rather quickly last week. I intended to write it for the Drabble Dabble challenge on TheO, but alas... I can't seem… Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

January 06, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Monster X Lupin III crossover - Inspector Heinrich Lunge is assigned to a case to capture the famous theif, Lupin III. He must collaborate with a local Inspector to bring him to justice and save valuable artifacts. Read More
POV Fic. Oneshot with possible extension in the future. Inspector Heinrich Lunge and Inspector Deborah Taylor find themselves in a gunfight in the city streets. Written before I forget. I had this inspiratiuon come to me as I was half asleep. (As usual.) Oneshot that could possibly be extended into… Read More
A portuguese "Ellery Queen" are you a Miss or Mister Sherlock Holmes? we will find... Read More
Life for Zoe Trevena has been rather unfortunate. With the loss of her Father, her ill mother and now unemployment, nothing is left for her in Exeter. Taking on some advice however from her Mother allows her to return to her home county of Wiltshire after 6 years to embark… Read More
Un'intervista col Commissario Montalbano Read More
Prince doesn't want to go to the crime fighting ball due to last times events of her being confused for a M.A.D Agent and getting arrested, but Gadget insists she confronts her fears only to end up in a tense situation himself. Read More
The twins Akio and Yumi are sent to fetch bread from the store, but they return without it. (Oneshot. Drabble.) Read More
Sorry Folks, I had to do this in two pages. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When an apparently well to do ex-Colonel dashes into the local police station and begins ranting that he is being haunted by spectral drums from an old African curse, the Chief Inspector sends some of his Constables to put the Colonel under house arrest to gaurd him through a very… Read More

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