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January 12, 2018

What is Life Really About? By M L Tillman It's not until I started approaching the later years of my life that the mental picture of why we are here really started to come into focus. When you are young, life is fun. Life is… Read More
3 Short Stories. 1) 10,000 Knives 2) Three Bearings 3) Skyrider And Love As Strong As A Horse Read More
What love really means and how can we learn from it, understanding love is a short essay for those who are still looking for love and have lost hope. Read More
Things that kids do. Read More
Two angels came into my life, both very different. Read More

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The YOUNG Publishers House

If you love cricket, Read the poem. FOR ALL CRICKET LOVERS Read More
Juniper is a sweet loving girl who's parents get killed by the Cherokee Indians . Juniper is heart broken but will have to move with her dreaded Aunt and Uncle . The Moore's . Juniper hate the Moore's because they hate kids and her . After Juniper moves in… Read More
Henry has reached his limit with Sully's bullying and antics. He has decided to take things into his own hands and deliver a message to Sully that is sure to scare Sully into a truce of peace. He was less than prepared for his plan to go so awry.… Read More
We fall ,we break,, we are hurt and sometimes we give up, But it isn't the end of the world, because falling is ok and falling again and again is ok too. Read More

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Pick an emotion. Any emotion. Then amplify it by 100. If you can do this in your writing, you have a good chance of winning this contest, if you enter. Read More
A book of quotes. For anyone who likes to read quotes when they feel down or just for fun. I do not own any of these quotes. Read More
Description: I'm challenging and taking a risk for a dream that only I can see, but that's because I believe in myself. Read More
Is it ever too late? Only one can tell. Read More
My name is the female version of Michael, meaning Like Unto God! Read More
People tend to judge... Read More
A Yellow Rose Unfolds..l Read More
Written in letters, Still not all of it.. Read More
On one rainy day, Poppy discovers the truth to nature's destruction. Grandma tells the story with resignation and self-pity, so it's up to Poppy to bring her spirits, and her hope, back up to snuff! Read More
Some lessons are learned through great difficulity Read More
A Song Without Sound I am a dancer. That's my passion. My feet feel like they are flying when I dance. Maybe that sounds strange because I can not hear the music, but I can feel it, in my heart, and with my feet. Deafness to some may seem to… Read More
Rubella Rachel was a character I began developing in 04, she has a rare condition which stops her from feeling pain. These were the jumping off points too that story... Read More
For the past year and a half I have been writing, and restoring this book, I've gone through severs drafts, until I was living and breathing these characters. I have shared small segments but never whole chapters. The credit for the cover design goes to my talented cover designer Ruthie… Read More
At seven she played Mother to the brother twice her age. She was the one to watch him, make sure he ate, told him that he was special. She was far to grown for her age, and he would always have the mind of a toddler. Read More
I didn't want to be dead, but I wanted to be whole, and now my leg was gone. Running was my life, it gave me my freedom, now I wondered what I would do. It didn't take long for me to realize that feeling sorry for myself just wasn't going… Read More
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