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What is the opposite of condemnation? Redemption? Salvation? In this personal testimony of mine, we will find out what is feels like to be completely redeemed...without deserving it. Read More
Sometimes we find ourselves burying our head into our hands with tears flowing down both cheeks. This is a personal testimony of internal conflict in which I found myself in that position..and also coming out victorious. Read More

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A corrupt government has long dictated the lives of innocent people, sending men to their deaths in battles over nothing and slaughtering millions of foreign peoples. What will the last man standing choose to do? Read More
This is about the internal conflicts of a man as he struggle's to feed his children and stave off poverty. Read More
After discovering her pregnancy, she is determined to learn more about her "baby daddy" and the mysterious man in the restaurant, who is apparently trying to take away her child. Read More
This is a short story i wrote in my creative writing class for a Flash Fiction Contest. I hope you like it. Originally it had to be 600 words or less, but now for my revision, it can be 5 pages or less. I am revising this and handing it… Read More
I was writing in the little notebook I write my poetry in, when suddenly I realized that it's filled with memories. Most of them not so good, but memories nonetheless. They're a part of me like anyone else's poetry is a part of them. Read More
thoughts that keep me awake at night a girl i havent seen or talked to in 2 years Read More
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