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Flame is an ordinary fire dragon hatchling. Except he doesn't have an ordinary name, he is far too small for his age and definetly is quite a bad fighter. But only he knows that the small band of rogues to the south are rising in power and picking off clans,… Read More
Hi everyone. So, this is my second post which is a short story about a girl based in modern settings. So go about it and Hope you love it! Read More
Its a story about a girl named Cressida Ven. She will loose her passport in the airport and attend her father's funeral. She gets it back by the Italian Thief. Read More
Follow Alec, a young boy sucked into a horrible military program, in which 450 kids are taken from each state are taken and killed off until only 1 remains. Alec must survive, while facing sadistic enemies, betrayal, and death. Read More
A young teenage girl wanting to live her life, she lives with her family and her bestfriend and herself are very close. Read on to see what happens... Read More
This is one of my first short stories, please enjoy. Read More
COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT PLZ .This was inspired (parts taken) from. my fav Eminem songs. wit his Lyrics. & Mine Mixed. 2 try N tell a bit of My story. Explain some thoughts, Feelings N Situations that I have went thru in My life. "My Life Through The Lyrics".Volume1. Read More
Kate is caught between problems. Will the cookie crumble? Read More
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