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The Booksie Classic House

Justice and cookies Read More
Master Cameron was found dead in the library, beaten and stabbed numerous times. The knife next to the body and all doors and windows are locked. The Cameron family now has to figure out who killed the master and find the real culprit. But if each one of them is… Read More
Huck meets his new bride. Is it for better- or worse? Read More
The secrets contained in this book is an elixir that will transform your marriage from being mortal to invincible until you kiss life goodbye at your death bed. The secret of all secrets, untold Truths, suspense and Intrigue. Read More
A ruthless gang kills to maintain their black market monopoly of SuperSperm 'removed' from the Harry Hope Fertility Clinic. The interim Director of the Clinic, Michael Barnes, on learning of the situation, decides to bust open the illegal operation with the assistance of his attorney wife, Fiona; her P.I. Bill… Read More
A woman watches a man come out of her neighbor's house at 3am. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A woman wonders what might have been Read More
Still believing in what it is he writes, turmoil soon happens until two phone calls were made to him. One by a Drackulis and the other by a Breed of Werewolf. War is decided by what he chooses and yet, he is blind to it all as he grasps the… Read More
This book Takes place in the 17th Century, in London. It follows the plight of one, Lawrence White. I Wrote this a few years ago, when I was in 6th Grade. Read More
An exiled princess brought in to be his wife is the least of Neirin's worries. People and entire villages are disappearing. Supplies are running low. Fairytales seem to have come to life. Neirin didn't think he'd have to go on the journey of a lifetime to figure out how the… Read More
A Heart Minds the Soul focuses on the heart, mind and soul within the book and what they're capable of, making it a fun and educated read. This book also looks at how the heart, mind and soul has had a good impact on the writer. There are descriptions to… Read More
My first attempt at mystery romance.... Read More
We built that tower is a short story about a tribe building a tower that can reach the heavens and the consequences of that choice. Read More

Tags: tower, intrigue

On the sixth anniversary Violet and Gideon, two polar opposites, should never have married. She spends her days in the bliss of denial, he spends his trapped in misery. When Gideon has finally had enough, he realizes their is only one way out - ending in V. Read More

Book / Fantasy

September 04, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

What would happen if a small group of people who lived for a seriously long time, compared to everyone else on earth? Anything that they did, or stories they told would become the stuff of legend, myth, or even more, especially if it was true. Sophia is a young professional… Read More
So you're looking for something new to read. Something serialized and consistent. I'm here to end your search. A tale of revival, magic, intrigue, beauty, and love. Will she ever be able to make up for the mistakes of her past, or will her true nature show itself once more? Read More
"The bell doesn't jingle when you walk in". Descriptive based. The first chapter is pure description, a way for you to be transported elsewhere. In the second, enjoy suspense, and an ending that will leave you cursing and wanting more. Intrigued? Reviews are greatly appreciated. Read More

Short Story / Romance

April 11, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

A girl who holds on despite the attention she does not get from the man she loves. she is torn in between so many other potential guys but she knows who she wants and who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Read More

Tags: love, hope, intrigue

Strangely, the day after the man's first copy was catalogued and shelved, he brought a new version. Already finished, and rather short, one read and a few lost their appetite for a bit. Others decided it should be removed from the libraries for its use of its own story. Most… Read More
A rather strange addition to The Thule Exchange's libraries, it was catalogued for later use. A rather large collapse of one section of the library has left numerous pages missing. We've sent expeditions, but most just end up lost or raving about webs... Read More
Adam is a rock star - Handsome, Successful, Worshipped by millions.....and a killer? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An arrogant writer posts up at a bar... Read More

Tags: girl, writer, bar, intrigue

In a world of trivial happenings, where the whimsical natures of the gods are as dangerous as the mortals who follow them and bring their wills to pass. Join my 3 characters Kitz, Kurtiz,and Cheer. Read More

Poem / Horror

October 04, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

one has sight the other gives grace Read More
A mortal Mage is pulled into the intrigues of the Faerie courts. With no clear idea of who to trust or where to go, all he knows is that he must protect the young Princess. Read More
A petty thief and a master planner get together to take the biggest haul of their lives. Read More

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