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The worldwide black market in superior sperm has spawned attempted murder, murder, and a dissatisfied customer who seeks revenge. The Harry Hope Fertility Clinic becomes the center of the final discoveries, surprises, and rewards. Michael, Fiona, Brett, and Bill cut through the impossible to discover the boss of the possible. Read More
A worldwide black market in superior sperm drops Fiona and Michael into the middle of mystery and murder. Read More
Michael, Fiona, and Bill Richardson battle an unknown enemy who controls a worldwide black market in superior sperm. Read More
A worldwide black market in superior sperm creates mystery, humor, and danger in and about the Harry Hope Fertility Clinic. Michael and Fiona are on the trail of this most bizarre immoral enterprise. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Doctor Henderson Mayes realizes that something big is about to happen on a Wednesday in December, 2016, in Copley Square, Boston. He solves a puzzle but has to make a decision about telling his best friend the solution that would only place his friend and his secretary in harm's way. Read More
Michael, Fiona, and Bill all believe that the search for the head of the international network of illicit dealers in superior sperm is close at hand. Tom Bubb has lunch with one of the suspects. The head of the organization is not convinced that Bill Richardson is dead and is… Read More
Electra Wales throws a conundrum into the mix of an international black market in superior sperm; a market that appears to have some presence in the Harry Hope Fertility Clinic. The sperm cartel is on the attack. Read More
The attempted murder of Bill Richardson adds a nasty new facet to the continually baffling series of events going on, around, or concerning the Harry Hope Fertility Clinic. Mischief, of the deadly kind, is once again afoot. Read More
The Harry Hope Fertility Clinic finds itself---unwittingly---to be part of an international black market in superior sperm. Michael, Fiona, Bill, and Brett are not panicking---yet, but they realize that they have to find the head of the snake soon--- or die from its venom. Read More
The killers are being sought by Michael, Fiona, and Bill. Brett Houdinski joins Michael and Fiona as well as three young men who may be able name the person who started all the talk bout a black market in Super-sperm. Read More
The worldwide sale of superior sperm on the black market has imposed upon the lives of Michael, Fiona and Bill Richardson. What might have been pure bad luck, now appears to be attempted murder. Brett Houdinski, ace cryptogram solver, closets with Michael and Fiona to pursue leads to the den… Read More
The 'organization' calls a meeting to discuss the problems appearing in their worldwide black market in superior sperm. Read More

Book / Fantasy

September 04, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

What would happen if a small group of people who lived for a seriously long time, compared to everyone else on earth? Anything that they did, or stories they told would become the stuff of legend, myth, or even more, especially if it was true. Sophia is a young professional… Read More
Michael's Fertility Clinic appears to be the center of an international black market in extremely valuable sperm. What began as a giggle and then a than a joke, becomes deadly. Read More
Fiona and Michael hook up with crack private investigator Bill Richardson to wade through all the chatter and odd occurrences which, if sorted out and connected, could expose an international black market in superior sperm . . . from The Harry Hope Fertility Clinic. The vast 'empire' could be valued… Read More
With Bill Richardson's investigation and Brett's stunning solution to a written cryptogram, Michael and Fiona now believe that the Harry Hope Fertility Clinic is involved in an international sperm cartel involving billions of dollars. Read More
In the subbasement of the Harry Hope Fertility Clinic, parts of an international web of selected sales of a special product, are working away unknown to Michael and Fiona. Brett provides the first clues; then Fiona becomes suspicious. Now Bill Richardson is barely saved from a mysterious plunge into the… Read More
Michael and Fiona are receiving seemingly unconnected information but now their curiosity begins to lead them into more dangerous territory where new actions and stunning revelations raise the possibility of attempted murder . . . but why, and by whom? Read More
Lorrie and David are trapped inside a circle of dense primeval forest. Their enemies are paroling the rough road of the circle. Lorrie and David discover an astounding . . . well, virtual reality; and a hell of a lot of trouble. Read More
Recently married---Lorrie, formerly Special Ops and David, formerly Delta Force---are on their first industrial espionage adventure. They find some of what they expected and a lot more of what they did not expect; in fact, could not have imagined. So much of what they see and feel is unreal. And… Read More
What began as a giggle now becomes deadly serious. The apparent impossibility of one man's sperm being used to impregnate thousands of women now appears to be possible--and deadly. Read More
What appears to be simply a fertility clinic, now may be the center of an international oddity. Michael and Fiona, with the help of Bill Richardson's data base and Brett's skill with puzzles and cryptograms, may be on the verge of drawing deadly attention to themselves. Read More
Mysteries mount, while Michael and Fiona feel the pressure of the unknown and become determined to unravel what turns out to be a stunning and dangerous international enterprise. Read More
It may be that an extraordinary invention sits in the Harry Hope Fertility Clinic. What some will do to discover and reveal this device necessitates intrigue, power, danger and suspense. Read More
Brett thinks he has made a startling discovery suggesting that possibly one donor may have fathered thousands of children. Michael is skeptical. Bill Richardson supplies a thousand pages plus of background for the wealth of Christian and Melinda. Several matters are breaking on all fronts, leading to . .… Read More
Michael and Fiona struggle to understand the revelations involving Michael's uncle and his wife. A worldwide preoccupation with something about --or from--the Harry Hope Fertility Clinic is just beneath the surface, but answers are on the way. Some mysterious work is going on in the sub-basements of the Clinic… Read More
Michael, the Director of the Harry Hope Fertility Clinic, and his wife Fiona discover some mysterious facts about both the clinic and Michael's favorite uncle. Around the world, people in power are gambling that genetics will ensure their regimes. Read More
Michael senses that something 'is rotten in Denmark'---his Clinic, but he can't figure it out, even with the legal mind of his wife. Meanwhile, international dictators and men in powerful positions are learning about a new procedure. Read More
Michael has a sense that something mysterious is going on in the Harry Hope Fertility Clinic. Apparently, the word is out that one man may have fathered thousands of good-looking, high achievers . . . over decades. Such an achievement is dismissed by everyone at the Clinic as absolute rubbish;… Read More
Although Michael and Fiona are unable to find an immediate answer to their suspicions, they press on, enlisting the help of a Private Eye. Meanwhile, in Africa, a couple of guys are really angry about a baby's color, and discuss whacking those who got the color wrong. Read More
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