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This novel is filled with jam packed action and adventure with a big bit of mystery in it. In this sci-fi novel Tom must survive the cruel world of 2049 as his hometown and country was being destroyed at his very sight! Some sort of robotic type army have invaded… Read More
while robin's in her own world searching for herself, all the way in the eighth nation is a Yugorn boy is also lost. Different then his violent beast ways of his race, the young child grows interest in the humans, who are invading his nation. Read More
Kirsti Jennifer Gaversti de Gurero is the only daughter of Lord Gaversti of the small island country, Novera. But when the neighboring island, Destona, invades the small kingdom, she is sent to Australia and is temporarily adopted by a small family. In this small family, she meets Jacob. Will she… Read More

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Meh, I'm bored. Decided to write a poem. T'is crap, as usual. :D Read More

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