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Detective Combs has a case to solve, but this may be a hard cookie to crumble. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Men and women are murdered in a gruesome way that left with their bodies filled with cement and deep in it is a crystal. Unsolved murder mystery by the investigation department leaving 1 woman to solve it. Due to 1 particular incident, that incident kept haunting her every night. Can… Read More
A detailed and ( documented! ) list of all the attempts by Southwark Council to cover up all the problems created, and regulations broken, by a mosque which they still allow to operate despite the tenancy agreement stating that it should officially be a Community Training and Advice Centre. Read More

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The Historical Fantasy House

In the tradition of Rashomon, three soldiers are interrogated about a dragon incident, giving three very different perspectives. Read More
The purpose of this book is to profile cases of missing people that disappeared during the decade of the 1980s and to try and find a theory as to what happened to them. The hope is to keep their memory alive and hopefully find some resolution to their cases. Read More
In the Season finale of Bloodless, Oliver and Kelly attempt to flee Evanston when they find out the Evanston police plan on investigating Oliver for the murder of Harold Lennon, Roy tries to cut off relations between himself and Kenny's girlfriend Jackie, but they drag him back into it after… Read More
An imaginative short excerpt from the investigation of John Haigh, a serial killer. Read More

Book / Horror

October 12, 2017

Lilith Wilson is a young paranormal investigator. It's her wish to help as many people as she can. When travelling in Scotland, she gets an unexpected letter from a mother of three living in the Scottish Highlands. After arranging a meeting, Lilith discovers that it's going to be a… Read More
One of missing artist Naughty-Jade's paintings is stolen from an Art Gallery the day before the openning of an Exhibition of her art work... Read More
A flip of a coin can determine one's own fate. However, people make u-turns of their thinking sometimes would change their own fortune. Read More
An agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation goes to a mysterious man known by the Bureau for his "favors" and ends up bartering for information he needs to hopefully solve a case. Read More
I was inspired by a true story to write this mystery story. A pastor was found mysteriously dead in a hotel in Mombasa in Kenya some time back. Read More
This is the story of Alexander Marshal, a young student at University studying Investigative Journalism, having above average observational and deductive skills. His main mission in life is to combat corruption. After a conversation with a security officer on the campus one day, he learns that a Membership Society does… Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 17, 2015

After the death of a noble lord, bodies keep turning up one after the other. When Deorsa and Arlyn pick up the trail, it only becomes more complicated, and the line between the living and the dead blurs beyond recognition. Read More
On August 21, 2012 the struggling artist Lowell Irving went missing. The following story consists of Detective Fred Baser's interviews with Lowell's family, friends, and acquaintances. Read More
On August 21, 2012 the struggling artist Lowell Irving went missing. The following story consists of Detective Fred Baser's interviews with Lowell's family, friends, and acquaintances. Read More
Triple homicide in a quiet English township. What really goes on behind the doors of Town Hall? Read More
Rykin Charelton is a Columnist for the Toronto Star. Who finds himself in his home office writing about a past that he tries to forget but his memory refuses to. About one man with one special passion which seemed too innocent to be true on what it had spiraled into… Read More
n the heart of the Kologha Forest lies a little haven where man and nature seemingly live harmoniously together in a little piece of Utopia. The Kibbutz is run by a family who practice subsistence farming and invite guests from around the world to join them for an unforgettable stay.… Read More
Summer Flynn doesn't believe that her best friend committed suicide. She doesn't believe it at all. Nancy was murdered, and she was going to prove it. Read More
It's another average day for Private Detective Randal Knash, until a small business owner walks into his office putting Randal on a case to investigate three young men who may or may not have ties to the local crime syndicate. It's up to Knash to find out, but regardless of… Read More
For the past five years, there have been 6 young men found dead on the little town of Aldrine. And now, another boy named Ken de Guzman is missing and suspected to be the next victim. His whereabouts were only known by one, Reynalieza Duavit. Ken's safety is now up… Read More
It was a boring day and it was quite hot. Everyone wanted to dive into the pool but something happened. There was someone floating above the water and guess what, that person was my classmate, Edward. He was dead and everyone was shocked. We were wondering was it a suicide… Read More
This is a story about three men, two of which have killed and one of which is a murderer. Their lives will intersect and change, as well as their ideas and passions, but who they are and who they will never be will always be the same. Narrated in first… Read More
Murdered prostitutes do not really gather a lot of attention. Their craft puts them in harm’s way on a nightly basis, however for some reason, the way it is happening really starts to bug Ron, the lead detective. The brutality points to so much more... Read More
PRESENCE #1 A retired paranormal investigator (now a high school mystery teacher, and best-selling author) leads a group of his former students on cases involving paranormal activity-saving innocent lives, and getting rid of the things that go bump in the night. When children from the same neighborhood begin vanishing during… Read More
A cloaked man is making his way in Marseille, holding a closed chest near. hundred and ninety-one years after the city is terrorised with the second world war and the police has their hands full of cases already, the militairy needs to take care of it. What does these things… Read More
When three of Val's classmates are murdered she decides to follow in her father's footsteps and investigate. But as she delves into the the secret world beneath the city, will the truth emerge or will she fall victim to ghosts from her past? Read More
A client at a mental health facility dies under strange circumstances. Read More
Jim Dudley is a slave with a terrible past and is rebellious beyond belief. He's been beaten many times by previous slave owners but once he makes new friend and he's killed Jim rises up and kills his master and seeks vengeance on his old owner for killing and raping… Read More
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