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I wrote this before the new 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' movie came out because I was SO excited for it (Even though DC is better than Marvel in EVERY way)! It's really short cause I couldn't think of more to add at the time, but the 'definitive edition' of this… Read More

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April 12, 2015

A collection of quotes that I like from books, films, actors, actresses, musicians and a variety of other people. James Edgar Cooper has a variety of inspirational quotes on his profile that I highly recommend you read. Read More
Just a little blurb I wrote for Creative Writing last year. Read More
Sometimes things are better off being kept as secrets. Rebecca is confused as to why no one else is interested in all the unusual activity happening around the world, but when she discovers a lost ring, her world is changed forever. Set around the events of 'The Avengers', Rebecca is… Read More

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Like i said in my bio, i'm a big marvel nerd so this is just a quick poem i came up with during class about one of my favourite superheroes, Iron man. Read More
Thor invites Captain America over for lunch. Read More
Tony's dad died in a horrible accident, the same accident that took his life yet he somehow he's still alive. The world no longer makes sense to him. He's sent back to live with his mom and sister where he learns family secrets that have been kept from him all… Read More
One man witnesses a brutal murder at the hands of Iron Man and only pop cultures finest can stop him. Read More
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