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The answer to the argument on taxes and services. Read More
A young IRS agent makes a courtesy call to an elderly woman needing help with her taxes. Juvenile antics ensue. This is written using UK English style and spellings. Read More

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‘The Paperwork Rebuttal’ (Philistine Press, 2013) is a collection of narrative and poetry fused onto U.S. federal and state government documents. These documents include the mental breakdown of an accountant on a Form 1040, an unlikely hero found on a jury duty summons, and a victim of sexual abuse as… Read More
On surface, some issues Juggernaut don't get it, when he gets to the bottom of the issues, it is always "Give Me a Break," feeling. Read More

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In Jamaica in the ancient past, run-away African slaves took shelter in remote interior mountains now called "Land of Look Behind.' The reason it is called land of look behind was that they lived in fear of capture by their masters and always looking behind their shoulders for safety. In… Read More

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May 21, 2007

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