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Isabel the princess everyone loved nearly excaped what could have been her death, but the rest of her family didn’t. Now she is doing her best to avoid the thrown. Will she continue to not want the thrown as she grows or will she see how much her country needs… Read More

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Isabel hasn't been doing good on her tests, so she asks her good friend Kim for help. But what she doesn't know, is that Kim expects a little reward. Read More

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Isabel has a dark secret that she is hiding from everybody she loves, including her boyfriend, Jeremy. However, she's lost control of this secret and she sees only one way out that will relieve her suffering and keep her boyfriend safe and alive. Read More
This is PLANET PONG! Animated cartoon poetry about earth (planet pong) suit all ages,with characters galore Hoorah! For children but also for adults and everyone else!! This is for the eco warrier,the school teacher, mums and dads, polititions everyone!!!!!!!!! who loves this planet. Planet pong is a fun way to… Read More

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March 09, 2013

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I looked at his face and I knew that this was it. That this was the day that I would die. I grabbed Noah's hand and whisper, "If I die, i wanted you to know that-" "I love you", he says. I nod and let one small, warm tear slide… Read More
Erin Locke is a vampire just turning 18 and she thinks she has it all, a wonderful boyfriend, great friends, but one werebear threatens to take it all away from her Read More
Laska, her parents gave her a tiny musical ballerina, that she soon discovers isn't so innocent... Read More

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February 11, 2010

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Isabel Reynolds may have everything she wants- from the looks to the money- but shes missing an important factor in her But the problem is Isabel hates all the romantic gushy stuff, Valentine's Day, the romantic comedies, and etc. She believes all that stuff is untrue and no one… Read More
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