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Receiving traces of letters on her arm every time she met a vampire, Tanya decided to figure things out- she was born to become a vampire slayer like Isadora, Jarl, Collin, Peter, and Lorena. Despite the oath that a vampire-slayer must not fall in love Tanya had lost most of… Read More
Her world is held between the petals of the sacred rose she received as a little girl. The man appeared so friendly, yet he carried so much darkness, and that darkness was personified in that rose. If she removes the rose, she will be faced with an eternity of punishment… Read More
This poem is about Isadora Duncan, a dancer considered the inventor of modern dance. She was a very talented person but lived a life of tragedy. Her two children died suddenly, which plays a big role in this poem. Hope you enjoy! Read More

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February 19, 2011

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There was nothing more important to a wolf father, than to see his son marry a stunning wolf girl. But when a witch child curses the pack leader John, he finds his son cursed with a romance more forbidden than romeo and juliet. Read More
Isadora, a young girl who manages a farm with her father, is woken up by the roar of a dragon, and must slay it, after it kills her father, who turned out to be a real dragon slayer. can she do it? Read More
Well, since people wanted to know what happenes next, I've decided out of the kindness of my heart to continue the story. Read More
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