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ITALY, ADVENTURE, DANGER, ACTION, SUSPENSE, THRILLER Two young American tourists, Marsha and Grant, discover diamonds in an Italian Cathedral. Death and danger combine with action and adventure to send them fleeing from the world of diamond smuggling, the Mafia, and the Three Bullet Killer. Read More
Starbridge shares his experiences and thoughts of his first day in the ancient city of Rome. Read More
My life was on perfect track for a millenial-internship lined up at a top ad agency, wedding plans progessing, tiny flat secured in an almost gentrified part of London... So how the hell did I find myself taking on a failing vineyard in a rundown Italian village with zero knowledge… Read More
This is a collection of memories from my childhood and teenagehood in my small town in the south of italy Read More

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Rome, Italy, 1976. When seventeen year old Marie Lemming, an American exchange student, arrives in Rome, she becomes involved in a series of murders that rocks the city. When her life is threatened, she struggles to survive, before she returns to America. The new mystery thriller novel by Robert Helliger. Read More
This is a story that a neighbor told me on how he came to the united States after World War 2 Read More
A girl named Mamuka from Sweden travels on the back of a horse with her friend a monkey named Mamu to Venice to save the people from her hometown from sadness. She shows what the power of love can do - it can move mountains and can overcome any obstacles… Read More
Nine women tell their stories of holiday romances in Italy in the 1960’s Read More
The second installment of The Corliss Chronicles Read More

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Biography Rev Fr Javier Echevarría Rodríguez Read More

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November 04, 2017

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Mature Audience is Strongly Advised. This is a must read! Seduced By Chance is the fourth Installment of the trilogy; Betrayal of the Past, Forever Mine, and On the Wings of Love. Shaylynn Forrester, all grown up; vivacious, beautiful, and the youngest triplet of the… Read More

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No-one is greater than our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ... especially when it comes to revenge. Read More
The freedom of independent thought and living. A road less traveled into a bridge meant to be crossed and cherished. Read More

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La Vita - racing is living. Read More
. Bellowing footsteps were growing closer from the abbey's winding entrance. Edmund's confidence caused him to let his guard down the last few times he had spent the night in the morgue. Read More
Position paper regarding the issue of terrorism in Middle East. Article written down for Scotmun, counter-terrorism committee. Read More
This short stories relates about looking for a house in Italy with a very Italian real-estate agent. Read More

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Robert Browning's 19th century poem "My Last Duchess", told from another point of view Read More

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January 23, 2016

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A boat ride to capri. Read More

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What if the only daughter of an Italian Mob boss, who is promised to be married to another Mob heir, falls in love with her new bodyguard? What if an American boy who has just lost his father and is left with nothing, has to move back to his parents… Read More
Two teenagers go away to visit their father for the summer. Obviously something is going to go wrong when they go looking for Poveglia's monster. Dead bodies moving, a demon's after Erza and Alex is missing what is happening on Poveglia island? Read More
How far would you go to keep your daughter safe? As this page-turning novella opens, Rachel Mara is one in a line of hostages being held in an Italian art gallery. The world's attention may be turning toward this unfolding act of terror, but inside Rachel has only one thing… Read More
Jen is a young Australian nurse who has mysterious words whispered into her ears by a dying Benedictine monk. She then takes it upon herself to try and uncover the meaning of those words. Her adventure takes her to the distant shores of England, Egypt and Italy and along the… Read More

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When young Antonio Cabrini sees the local gangsters in his city of Naples he is fascinated. He vowed then that he would be part of their organisation. He would stop at nothing. Read More

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