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Ivanhall takes place in a more medieval/steampunk Age. The World is populated by Humans and “Archons” Which are only distinguished by the Archons possessing powers. The powers differ between person to person, ranging from elemental control, to mental control, to the ability to generate shockwaves, even summoning demons. While the… Read More
Ignorance is bliss. Ivo Cassferth has always hoped to join The Guild, a large organization sending heroes to aid, if the coin is good enough. However The Guild bears it's own darkness. In The Guild's battle against it's great enemy, The Victus, It may have given up more than it… Read More
A Japanese botanist is posted by his university to a small town in Bosnia-Herzegovina to research rare mushrooms. Whilst he is there though, strange things start to happen and it seems that the events of the past are more important than the mushrooms of the present... Read More
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