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What happens about 5 yrs after Breaking Dawn..... Will nessies love continue on and unite with Jacob? (rated R for possible smut/lemons)*I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARECTERS USED IN THIS FANFICTION AND I UNDERSTAND THEY ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE WONDERFUL STEPHANIE MEYERS* Read More

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Gemma Stone is not a normal girl, she has the ablity to morph her figure, change her scent and her voice.Shes runs away to small town "boring" old Forks,WA. Were she encounters people like her, people that are different. P.S. I would like to clarify that Gemma is not a… Read More
This is my version of what happens in Eclipse. This is for non-Renesmee fans, and also for people who were dissatisfied with Breaking Dawn. This is another version, exploring some new points and concepts that I'm sure maybe everyone would like to read about. Includes all pack members, Normal pairings. Read More
This is where the fiction comes in. I've snuck out to a venue before because I was grounded but that's about where the truth ends. The rest comes from my scary imagination. Enjoy! Read More

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June 26, 2010

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Hailey Clearwater, Yes she's from La push... Read More
This takes place right after Edward gets back during the time when Bella basically blows Jacob off and doesn't talke to him for a while cause she is so busy with Edward. If people like it I will do more,and if people don't,well i probably still will,just maybe not as… Read More
After what happened in Breaking Dawn. Renesmee's POV!!! Read More

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Twilight Characters: Jacb and Renesmee this is their story..... Read More
Baisically I finished reading breaking dawn and the battle with the volturi ( sorry if I ruined that part for you?) doesn't seem complete so I decided to write this finally in bellas pov. I hope you guys like it at the moment I have left it on a cliff… Read More

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This is the first chapter of my novel depicting the follow up to "Breaking Dawn" in my eyes. It starts 3 months after the point that "Breaking Dawn" left off. Read More
Renesmee gets a B-day gift from Jake but do Edward and Bella approve of it? Read More
Amelie moves to la push, falls in love with seth and finds out shes a wolf... ok, i know that was crap so youd better read it if you want to know what happens, loll x Read More
renesmee is sixteen, she is discovering the world around her and she knows that she is different. her and jacob are just friends and she has no other other intentions of romance with him other than the occasional stolen glance at his good looks, but when nessie meets the gorgeous… Read More
taken from my book, "Common Ground" Read More

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Bella's Life is great up intil Edward leaves her, She is left Broken and hurt but when she starts to hangout with Jacob will love Progress in her heart are will she stay heartbroken. Starts off in NewMoon but end's With Breaking Dawn. Hope u all Like love the writer… Read More

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This is a book about what I would want to happen if I was in the world of twilight :D. Just to clear this up, I KNOW Jacob imprinted on Renesme,but it's more of a sisterly protective love,and in my book that's all it will ever be.Anyway,INJOY! Read More
this is just a sweet little story because i LOVE jacob and HATE the fact bella loves him and vice versa..... k bye! Read More

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STOP!!! IF YOU HAVE NOT READ RENESMEE:MY LIFE AND YOURS PLEASE READ THAT FIRST THEN READ THIS!!This is the second book following Renesmee: My Life and Yours...All I will say is that this is a new chapter in Renesmee's life but she will face more obstacles. But Renesmee feels that… Read More

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May 03, 2010

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Ellarla Esme Black Say: El-are-la Gender and age: girl and 14 Family: Mom-Renesmee Dad-Jacob Brothers-JJ 14 and SP 13 Imprint: ??? BFF: Leah Clearwater Favorite person: Uncle Em and Uncle Jazz! They are the most awesomest people in the world because they are funny, competitive, and COOL! Read More
Umm I came up with this poem by thinking of Jacob and Bella from Twilight. It's really deep so don't judge. Yes I, a twelve year old girl, wrote this... Read More
Kirsti Jennifer Gaversti de Gurero is the only daughter of Lord Gaversti of the small island country, Novera. But when the neighboring island, Destona, invades the small kingdom, she is sent to Australia and is temporarily adopted by a small family. In this small family, she meets Jacob. Will she… Read More
Aadi moves to washington. She hasn't been there for three years ever since her mother and her father split up, she has been a problem child and her mother isn't making anything easier. What will happen to her? would she find true love and change her ways? or will she… Read More
The New Moon story continues after Jacob told Charlie about the bikes. Then him and Regan face perhaps the hardest goodbye yet. Of course complete credit to the Twilight series. This was just for fun! Comment and tell me what you think! :) Read More
A tragedy that a year ago causes Ava to become a orpahn and sent off to live in and orphanage. All is well for a year and she planned on staying there till she was eighteen. Untill Mrs. Hardy tells her that she just got a phone call from one… Read More

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Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat. ~Mark Twain~ Read More
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