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Mikaru has just celebrated his six birthday with his parents and grandfather, and three unlikely guests. Edward, Bella, and Reneesme crash the unsuspecting party, needing to protect themselves from the Volturi and a new league of mixed blood vampires. Once great friends and now distant enemies, Mikaru and Reneesme have… Read More
Renesmee is full grown, nine years after her birth. She is young and beautiful and just starting a new life with her parents but a new life means new problems. New life, new problems, new enemies. Renesmee Cullen young beautiful and in danger. Read More
Nothing has ever been right for Ana, ever since she was 5 her mother has been moving from state to state as if she was running from something. Ana never knew the whole story or the possible real truth but she never pushed her mom to tell her, she really… Read More
Haven't you ever wanted to see Renesmee's point of view? How she sees Jacob and her family, and her life! Do you want to know if she is more Bella, or Edward? What about Jacob, everyone probably wants him to have a happy ending right? Maybe he will, maybe he… Read More
Siobhan(its pronounsed as it looks)and Sinead(same as before)live in the year 3000.They meet the cullens and then...they know their secret. Read More
Set after my book Jake and Nessie: Forhidden by Edward, this story ia when the Cullen's return to Forks.(Although I stopped unaficially my book Jake and Nessie forbidden by Edward, this book is kinda the sequal to it. you'll catch up to what has happened after the last chapter I… Read More
Raine moved to the great place of gray and vampires. The famous La Push, Washington that is basically off limits of vamps. And she moves in next to the guy who was there before all of it, Jacob Black. She knows only one thing, he loves bella but she'll learn… Read More
Sapphira Swan, unknown human sister of Bella Cullen, moves to Forks and starts reading Bella's diaries that she has kept ever since she moved to Forks from Arizona. Now, Sapphira is interested in the werewolf friend, Jacob Black. Through a series of events, who is right for Jacob, his destiny,… Read More
These are my critical thoughts and opinions on the "Twilight" saga. Enjoy. Read More
Jake finally tells Nessie about being imprinted after saving her life. Hey. I'm probably working on a new chapter right now, but I try to publish at least twice a week! I have all sorts of new and exciting things that will happen in my story! I hope you enjoy.… Read More
a story of true love,friendship,and drama After everything happened with the volturi,Jake and nessie still go strong,But when nnessie askes about her relashinship about bella and jacob will it ruin everything? for young teens PG-13 Read More
Renesmee Carlie Cullen has just turned fifteen, now frozen in time as a full immortal. She recently discovered her best friend Jacob Black has previously imprinted on her, and their romantic relationship starts to bloom. But when Renesmee her and the new guy at school, Dominic, form a strong bond,… Read More
This is an honest and critical book review of Twilight Saga's first installment Twilight. Before I go ahead with my review; those who read, of course do not have to share my opinions, but I do however expect you to respect my opinions as I respect yours. I am an… Read More
30 Reasons Why Bella Should of Chose Jacob Black Notes: 1. I have to give credit to a number of users on youtube whose videos gave me some ideas for this list (I couldn't have come up with them all by myself) 2. Some the reasons are close in meaning… Read More
Owned, writen, and copyrighted by Booksie user buddhaNbrains. I own! So... Um... I was just in the mood to create a poem the other day for some reason. I hope you like! Read More
A teaser ATM, I'm judging if you guys want this story! If you want to read more, then post a comment and 'like' it! Please, this is a juicy sneak peek,and I'd really love to write the whole thing, but I won't if it's not going to get viewed! Thanks… Read More
What if Bella never jumped off the Cliff? That means that Alice never had the vision, Rosalie never told Edward that Bella committed suicide... That means Edward never came back. But what happens next??? Read More
Nessie becomes a full vampire and emmett's body reacts strangley to another vampires power turning emmett human again will he be human forever or is there still hope? Read More

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Alright so I was seriously really bored, so I wrote a parody to Hey There Delilah! It hardly makes any sense because I'm not that great at rhyming, but I tried anyways. ****This is CLEARLY for Jacob haters. I have absolutely nothing against Jacob in anyway, so if you're gonna… Read More
I used Bella and Jacob (Edward is a small part of it) in this short story... Read More
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