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This is the english essay I did. It is about Kim JaeJoong, my love. it is a dramatic monologue. Read More
It is a true story about how can someone that tries to avoid and hates a band can end up beeing a big fan of the ones she so disliked. Read More
Like i said before..i wrote sometimes for my favorite artist ,Kim Jaejoong fanletters..i guess i can call those like that.But i keep those for me.This one i was about to try to send it through his twitter but then i felt guilty to bother him so i gave up. Another… Read More
I write this thinking of one comment i saw from a girl that said that our favorite artist has the most sad eyes she ever saw. And like this another story i made up. Read More
It is not a yaoi fanfic because i do not like those. If you like simple love stories than this is for you. Comments are really loved. Characters: Hae Won the one that is the negative character somehow,Jaejoong (that we love) and Jaewon that it is not all imaginary.This guy… Read More
A boring fan letter for my favorite male in the world. I'm still amazed that we've have so many things in common. Read More

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