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Skye Taylor is an ordinary girl from a small town in Star Bay, Maryland. She lives with her Mom and little sister, Janie, in their light house on a cliff near the shore. Skye loved adventure, she breathes it and it runs through her veins. But one day that all… Read More
Together through the thick and thin times. Brought out of divorces with out shedding any tears see how these two best friends together get through the dealings of being Sophmore running a very popular up and coming business. While dealing with their unfortunate parents whom can't keep their hands of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Janie Dawson and her family have travelled all their lives, until they finally decide to settle down in Provence. Janie is twelve years old when she meets the eccentric artist who lives in the large house not far from her house. Their relationship starts as a strange friendship at first,… Read More
Expelled from exactly thirty nine and a half schools allready, the four girls with just as many names didnt seem to have a past, besides a few hints they dropped. However,Damion, who is transixed with Renny, who he'd singled out on the way to the girls's newest school and his… Read More
My entery for Melanie Legge's INTRO challenge. You had to start with a particular sentence. I will admit i've really enjoyed doing it =D Read More
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