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Emmais a bubbly girl who Loves skateboarding but she loves 5 boys called the Janoskians way more. Everyone in her classes think she really pretty and want to date her but she doesnt like any of them. She enters a contest and win during her two weeks with the boys… Read More

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16 year old Vanessa Scott thinks her life is over when she moves from L.A to Melbourne Australia starting at a new school with only 2 years left till she graduates. By the way this is part 1 because my work kept getting deleted so yeah hope you enjoy part… Read More
Beau Brooks and his Janoskians family never thought too much of all the other celebrities that were all over everywhere, not until one of them became Beau's best friend. But is there something more than friendship on the line? Is it one sided? Or is it merely something one of… Read More
When Grace moves to Australia with her best friend, Summer, she doesn't expect to find herself falling in love. But falling is what she finds happening when she lives just two doors down from the Bay brothers. But which Bay brother will she fall for? Beau, Luke or Jay? Rivalry,… Read More
Jacobi, the son of an abusive rapist, and a depressed mother, and the brother of a heart struck Twin sister. Jacobi struggles to support his mother with the abuse, and the pain she is driven into, but what happens when he meets Bailee's best friend? Read More

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Juliet Brooks is the younger sister of the Brooks brothers from the group of Melbourne pranksters, the Janoskians. she suffers from bullying, Depression then the all-time low. She finds a passion, and then lets it go. she finds a job, but lets it go. can she let the ones she… Read More
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