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Every since Marye had left, it had been hard for Louis. Raising their now four year old son Jaxon and having a day time job as a lawyer, 22 year old Louis Tomlinson needs someone to watch his beloved son. And Harry will do just the job. But will Harry… Read More
Sammi-Rosee Evans has been living on her own ever since she was emancipated from her own mother at the age of fifteen. Little does she know, her mother and her new family have moved into town. What happens when Sammi-Rosee meets Jaxon Colt and will they fall in love? when… Read More
When Lise Craymore moved to the mysterious town of Westbrook with her mother to care for her ailing grandmother, she never thought she would discover that she was a witch. But in Westbrook, being a Craymore witch or warlock is a big deal. But it also comes with many consequences,… Read More
This is a short story, of many short stories, depicting the experiences shared with Magdalene Rose. The effects that she has held, is outlined in the story of Jaxon King. Her tremendous grace, insight, and love, cannot be ignored or misunderstand, as anything other than divine. Jaxon King’s story begins… Read More

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