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Jade's family died in a fire that burnt everything, down to the concrete walls and marble floors. Nothing was left but ash, but how did Jade escape unhurt when she vividly remembers falling asleep in the same bed with her now charred parents? What makes it even more bizzare is… Read More
Henry lost Alicia. She left him. Now desperate, he makes an attempt to change and right the situation. Read More
Dmetra and Lance are...married? Fast forward seven years from "I Am Here...Finally", the tow of them have eloped and are now honeymooning in the most bizarre place! Follow them on this blissful journey :) Read More
This is the info for my upcoming novel....I'd write it if you guys like the concept. I basically have the first seven chapters down on paper and I'd go from there. ((It would be posted like the end of July, by that time "The Engagement" should be nearing it's end))… Read More
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