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This is a weekly upload of star wars fan ficion, hopefully you all will enjoy. Read More

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A padawan of Luke Skywalker flees from Ben Solo and searches for his friends. Read More

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*A sequel to 'The Hunt on Cooraan IV* Nearly one year has passed since the events that transpired on Cooraan IV. Padawan Jullet has been, in essence, exiled to a distant planet on the fringe of the galaxy along with her master. She struggles to reclaim the good she once… Read More
When a young Jedi padawan is given the location of an ancient artifact on a forgotten planet, a team of Jedi are sent in pursuit in a desperate attempt to prevent their naive student from possessing the terrible power contained within the vessel. Or are they afraid of what's inside… Read More
The Jedi have offended the laser swordsmen and a war has began. Read More
This fan fiction of Star Wars is about 3 different background stories that led to the creation of a group called The Callistraian Order. An Order issued to wipe out the Sith. ~The first 3 chapters consist of the 3 different background stories~ Read More
The Galaxy is drowning in despair, in pain, suffering, poverty and illegal skirmishes and boarder disputes. The Treaty has done little to bring peace, only made War more discreet. For the Sith however this is perfect. They thrive off the Darkness of a corrupt Galaxy. The Story begins with a… Read More
Key'ae Drelk is a young nautolan Jedi Consular just beginning her journey abroad to Coruscant. She has a peppy and upbeat attitude, that attracts people of all sorts to her side, but also annoys and repels some. Some call her the ideal poster child due to her extremely happy, and… Read More
This is my first writing ive ever done that i chose to publish, theres no rough drafts or anything it is the original copy. i only used grammar editing and basic revising. please read it. i think it has very good reason and is possibly the key to tranquility. Read More
150 years after the events of Kotor 2. The Jedi and Sith are once again locked in a war. The Sith are led by the Dark Lord Deltorekk, A sith of great power. The sith are slowly pushing the Jedi back. When The Sith discover a secret so great that… Read More
This novel is about a male character called Galak Darkmoon. It is set in the old republic (star wars) where Galak lives on the planet Ilum, a peaceful planet known by few people, it is where jedi can go to quest for lightsaber crystals. Small settlements of jedi live on… Read More
A "what if..." -kind of a Star Wars fan fiction story I wrote a while back after the Revenge of the Sith came out. I hope you like it! (and I do hope you have at least seen the original six films, because there is not much point reading it… Read More
I am a sort of fan-ish of star wars and after watching the movies again I wondered what happened after episode three so this is a story of a kid jedi surviving the massacre and finding himself partnered with a criminal escaping to meet a girl older than him that… Read More
This old man is tring to kill me Read More
I am almost done with my ship by tomorrow i will be done Read More
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