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A girl tradition you would not even think about. humor, joy, strangeness, fun. every night a connection with the strangest thing to have at all. not an every day story. Its what sisters do. Read More

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Just some Mad Swan oneshots - Mad Hatter/Jefferson and Emma. Mainly considering the fact that I'm madly in love with Jefferson. Even his name is edible. He's seriously lush, nom. Anyway, hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing tham!;D Read More
This is best collection from every book written about American Forefather- Thomas Jefferson, and any existing personal memoirs by Thomas Jefferson. Read More
Comedy sketch/skit set on July 3rd 1776 featuring Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin working out what to put into the American Declaration of Independence. I have a major problem with the formatting of this one - tried loads of times to upload it correctly, but it just won't. Read More
Alright, here is a second list. Since people were suggesting a bunch of other bands, I am glad to have known that people liked it! I'm glad to say that I fit in more classic bands onto this one, both old and new. I found this one also very funny,… Read More
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