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The Booksie Classic House

A man is forced to come to terms with recent misfortunes between him and his family. Read More
Sassy is a hip and new trend setter and never let's her heart out of her hands. After William died, she dyed her hair, changed her name and left Pennslyvania for the fast life of Hollywood. Can her new lover save her from her sorrowfilled past or will he make… Read More
Finding love after losing it for so long isn't as easy as saying the words I love you...going through the trails and tribulations you learn that love will always be there for you...guiding you to your destiny. Read More
This is something I wrote about heros. It was an experience that really happened. Read More
This is a poem that i made and dedicate to my little brother Jordan Cook who died of cot death 11 years ago, he is the one who didn't make it as i have 9 more lovely brothers and sisters and we just wonder what life would be like if… Read More

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