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The rock and roll band gets an agent and it's first club gig at a private Italian bar in the woods of New York state. Read More
This is a short story following the adventure of a young actress who decides to get involved with the most absurd play ever located 20 miles outside Wellington, NJ. Read More
Daisy Lillith Helland was never a firm believer in magic, but she had always wished that it was real. Despite how sweet that sounded, it wasn't just so she could see faeries or unicorns. No, she wanted to be the Evil Queen of quiet Hemlock, Massachusetts, and to join her… Read More

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May 26, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Throughout my entire life, I have been made fun of because of the way I talk. I rarely use slang and I enunciate...always (even when drunk and/or cussing you out). When I was a child, I was told I talk like a white girl. I never understood what that meant.… Read More
If you ever wanted to read a guide to some secret societies this would be one place to start. Read More
A short essay on the importance of Super Bowl, rating its Quarterbacks, and a successful pasta recipe Read More
The purpose of this research paper is to demonstrate analysis of the modernization processes of Afghanistan under the ruling of Amanullah Khan and that of France under the ruling of King Louis XIV; applying theories to compare and understand the accomplishments and failures resulting from the attempts of reformations to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

as a teenager Sam finds herself in a world different from others. she learns secrets like no other person can. Love, hate, friendship, enemies, war. vampires werewolves demons and even angels. many things mix together, and she finds herself lost... what went wrong? what is she? why did she end… Read More
The guy told me turn the radio off now! He was a gloomy man. The man went out of the car and walked to a nearby neighborhood. An alert has been out, that if anybody especially a man comes up to your door or asks for help NOT to talk… Read More
Sucide is not for popular girls, or anyone. Read More
Something i was working on earlier today. Not finished yet. Its just talking about how if my eyes had cameras in them, i would have an amazing movie to show. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I put this together the past two days originally just rhyming to the beat. to the house of the rising sun which i was heavly influenced by but before you go saying i stupid stuff like im ripping off the song you should know this is kinda my feelings inside… Read More

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The people of Jersey Shore are... Read More
Jersey is a small island. A murder of a most gruesome fashion has popped up in the small place. Jennifer Mathews has been an indirect victim of this incident, and so she embarks down the dark road of psychological trauma, murder and death just for justice and - most importantly… Read More

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March 18, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Jessica is a 17 year-old girl who lives in Bristol. She lives in a well-off family and is used to grand things: holidays abroad in sunny locations, Greece, Carribeans, Morocco, etc. This year she expects to spend her holidays in the sun again, but her parents have other plans. Jessica… Read More
Madeline Demarks's mother left when she was only four years old. Now she's nineteen and she gets a letter from her mother, asking for her to go out and stay with her in Jersey. Madeline's father sends her out without even bothering to debate the factor, and now Madeline is… Read More
Dating Pam turns out to be more than I expected! I knew that she had a cat, I did not know that she had Leo! Read More

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This has gotta be my most famous story of all time...FF!!!!!!!!!!! This is the prologue to The Four Friends #1 The Stone Of Rebirth This is my life, this is the story i live for so plz no bad comments..PLZ! Read More
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