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Journal 48 A Collection of New Alliterative Verse by ArchDuke Kenneth Khanh Du “My reflection upon the current climate which send heat waves simmering throughout time.” New Alliterative Verse has five set parameters defined by me: 1. A couplet line poem with 20 lines or less 2. Each line contained… Read More
On the the martyrs and how faith both saves and fortifies. Read More
Being candid with God is a few heartfelt poems that express my love to Him, the truth of how I sometimes feel, and my hope to trust and obey Him. Read More
Truly, if we consider ourselves to be spiritually born again, then we must ask of whom our spiritual parents are. Just as we were born the first time naturally from our natural parents, surely, at our second birth – a spiritual birth – we'll have parents for that birth, too.… Read More
Is the modern-day church exactly what it should be? Are pastors and various other ministers doing their job correctly for the saints of God? Have the ministers that we find ourselves under truly been ordained by the Lord? Should we put our trust in man? Is it okay to be… Read More
Escaped narrowly after the fall of Jerusalem . . . Pursued relentlessly by the Sanhedrin . . . Entrusted covertly with a mission more significant than he had imagined . . . From the prison colony on Patmos, the Apostle John entrusts Nicodemus with manuscripts for the Christian fellowships increasing… Read More
Sometimes, you just need a little push from God in order to get moving again when it comes to going forward in life. Read More
What truly is our purpose for living? That's something I'm searching for at the moment... Read More

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This poem is an analogy for how we, as Christians, must hopefully await the second-coming of Christ Jesus. Read More
the ultimate price … paid for by jesus christ. Read More
Did Jesus Ascend to Paradise on the Same Day of the Crucifixion? The answer is yes. See below. Read More
KNOWLEDGE This is the greatest energy that can change a lot of things. The worst state a man can ever find himself in is the state of inadequate knowledge. Knowledge gives you the strength to move on and the confidence to succeed (Proverbs 24:5) Knowledge opens us to wisdom in… Read More
A collection of 5 years of poetry. Read More
I began work on this in early Dec 2019, but I was not satisfied with where it was going. My childhood best friend died unexpectedly on Dec 29th and I few to Georgia for his funeral that was held on Jan 1, 2020. Although I was extremely saddened by the… Read More
Having the wrong ideas about God can lead to pain and confusion in life. This is a brief treatment of just a few of those bad ideas. Read More

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Ein neuer Beitrag fuer meine Freunde im deutschsprachigen Raum unserer Welt. Read More
A fictional short story about the birth of Christ, the shepherds, Mary and Joseph and the animals. Read More
There’s going to be no testing of the waters here, we’ll be diving straight in to the deep end in terms of how open minded you truly thought you were. However, this message I know is not for everyone, nevertheless, I remain restless until my message is accessible for the… Read More

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A fictional short story about a high school senior who has planned his entire working career. Read More

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Jesus has given up His life to ransom the souls of men, but death could not hold Him. Risen again, He promises a power that will come over His people. Despite the joy that He is alive and interceding in the heavenlies on their behalf, heartache has ensued, wasn't the… Read More
You are no longer walking in the shadow of your past mistakes. You are walking in the light God has created for you, brandishing a new set of lens. Your future is so bright. Read More
Where is God when my suffering seems never-ending? Can I really find joy in this fallen world? This powerful book confronts these questions with stories of the author's near-death experience, a daughter's suicide attempt, mental illness, and numerous other gripping stories that demonstrate not only that God is present when… Read More
Following the life of Jesus Christ through the eyes of Estelle and Robert, Mavy's teens. Bereft of their father who knew not Christ, the trio search for the peace that has long eluded them, not knowing their sufficiency would come in Jesus as they come to know Him. Read More
Meet Canadian Boy. An above average genius athlete, while he tells you precisely how the universe works. But beware, your world is no one else's. From the junky Canadian writer who literally is the coolest guy ever. God. The Devil. The Everyday People's God. Go on a journey of reality… Read More
Lyrics for a Christmas song. Read More
I've been going through these passages to see what I could get out of them. Taken from the Complete Jewish Bible. Read More
It's a parable taken from the Bible. Read More
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