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September 19, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

This is about a boy in his teenage years. He lives in Toledo City, Cebu with aspirations and inspirations. Could he weather the life before him, Let's find out. I hope this work of mine satisfies your soul as it may give you amusement or heartbreak. I'm not that good… Read More
Huskey Ambassage, a young Christian woman, desires to see what Christ looks like. The Lord sends her into a mysterious new world of red dawn, and she meets a young Christian man there whose name is Flanders Nickels. He tells her that this world is called "The Land of Red… Read More
Jesus must be first in our lives. Read More
i have been working sometime now on the resurrection chart of jesus. Read More
I have been trying for some time to get the dates of the resurrection of Jesus. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Gifts we can give to others Read More
Jessie is overwhelmed by loneliness. Can a stanger help her? Read More
Oliver's fear of death leads him to answers and hope. Read More
This is a fictional story about a woman named Beth. It is her testimony of how she was saved, and how her and her husband's lives were forever changed. (Chapter One) Read More
The Lord's return is near. Are you ready? Read More
Marco is about to do something desperate. Will he go through with his plan? Read More
Are all religions acceptable to God? Are they all just different ways to worship? Read More
Have you experienced a very special day? Read More
Salvation is a free gift available to all. Will you accept it as Luna did in this flash fiction piece? This little story may be made up, but God's gift of salvation is real. Read More
Can a sister overcome her resentment and pride, and forgive her younger brother? Read More
How will you respond to Jesus' invitation? Read More
A short poem about Jesus Read More

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Sometimes it's hard to feel Jesus' presence in the daily rush and busyness of life. We lose our way and our peace so easily. What is the solution? Read More
TBD Note: photo is use to attract readers and photo is from ---- Read More
Here we have the Gospel story presented from four points of view. Read More

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They executed an innocent man when they crucified Jesus. Read More
The Bible contains, essentially, the history of the world, plus God's plan of Salvation for Man. Read More
It is not correct to refer to Mary as the Mother of God. Read More
There are many wrong religions, but only Christianity gets you to heaven. Read More
True joy is found in Jesus Read More

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