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This is a story about the Strange woman mentioned in the bible. She will grab your attention in a side freak show in the circus. Read More
To most people, including most Christians, Jesus Christ is another historical figure of the same prominence as Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, John Kennedy or the Pope, they don’t know that besides being the savior of mankind Jesus Christ is also the creator of heaven and earth and… Read More

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The words of a woman obtaining a god dominant heaven. Read More

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Dear Jesus, what can i do? jesus help me! i am trying to find a door, i can't see! it’s too dark! please jesus help me! you're the only one, help me.. surrounded by the wicked, the screams of burning humans in my mind, wicked things around.… Read More

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When I was 9, I watched a scary movie and I didn't think it would end up being a testimony that stuck with me for so long. Read More
I have no explanation for this Miracle, but its Source or Origin I can guess! Read More
Very quick lyric poem about Christmas. Read More
This is what I felt the LORD (yes I believe in GOD, and He does speak to me) If you read this, read it slowly, I pray that it touches you the same it touched my heart. GOD BLESS! Read More
There is still discussion going on about whether Jesus was crucified on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Read More

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April 02, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

The basis of Faith and my 50th Poem. Read More

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Today, 71 years later, we can see and feel the effects of godlessness throughout the land stemming from the scourges of separation of church and state. Read More

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Read also at Blogger: If you goggle the word church, you will find a list of denominational churches around your neighborhood. When people speak of the church, usually, they mean the building where Christians gather on Sundays. Jesus Christ was the first to call… Read More

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just a head raiser for people who may be lost in life right now & wondering how might god feel to a tennager such as myself Read More
Once there was a man that cried out to Jesus saying Lord I don't know how to read the gospel I don't know how to write Jesus heard his prayer and Jesus replied you don't have to know how to read the gospel you don't have to know how… Read More

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Jan 23 Once there was a man that cried out to Jesus saying Lord I don't know how to read the gospel I don't know how to write Jesus heard his prayer and Jesus replied you don't have to know how to read the gospel you don't have to… Read More

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Jan 21 One night I was walking home and I seen this homeless man he came up to me and asked me if I had a dollar to spare I looked at him and I smiled and I said yes have a $1.00 dollar it's my last bit of… Read More

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Jan 21 His blood flows like a river never stopping his blood will never dry his blood can fill over a 1000 rivers his blood washes and cleanses millions of souls he is the Shepard that watches over us he is the master key to heaven and the only… Read More

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Jan 21 A man on a cross died and his blood ran down Calvary hill his blood was not just for the Jews it wasn't meant just for the romans it wasn't just meant for the Egyptians it was meant for everyone he has no favorites he has no… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a six chapter story. --- Some chains are not connected at both ends, some must be to do their job. Just as a mystery has clues and those clues must connect to come full circle. This story is meant to be symbolic of life and its uncertainties.… Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

A quick thing about both Christmas figureheads. I'm not sure of this myself so any feedback to improve with the same rhyme scheme and syllable count would help. Read More
Nicole tells the story of her past, when she fell in love with David, but his family was not one of Christmas spirits. Read More
The essay below is a follow-up to my previous essay: "The Myth of a Wednesday Crucifixion" Read More
Now a young woman, Felicia Robinson, ponders her violent past in the dark confines of prison. She experiences a glorious encounter with the Divine that leads her on a journey of self-reflection, forgiveness and inner peace. Eventually, Felicia is changed for the better and despite… Read More
Prova la tua fede - La Rivincita di Gesù Cristo!!! Read More
Selflessness is one of the keys to godly success and joy. Read More
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