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Governments using mind reading satellite's to read our minds. Ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing. Aliens walking as reborn Human being clones.Jesus had his second coming. Russian President Vladimir Putin has him. God and the Devil fighting a holy war. God caught the Devil. Giving us a chance to save ourselves.… Read More
Do you want to learn the Truth? Then get your Bibles out! You can answer your own questions. And be your own Scout. If God had a name, What would it be? If God had a body, Who would you see? What is the world… Read More
I wrote this story when I was a Freshman in High School over 20 years ago. I left it as is and so there is most likely a lot grammar and spelling errors. I wrote this with the Footprints poem as basis. I thought to myself, what… Read More
"Now I become Life, the Destroyer of religions" - what is the ultimate power? Read More
No-one is greater than our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ... especially when it comes to revenge. Read More
It is about God's reply to someone but the reply is loving and caring. Read More
What is the essence of the theology behind the return of Christ? If there is, to say, no delay in the expectation of Parousia, and Christ returns this day, then as true Christians we have to take it as our last and then evangelize, whosoever we can. But if it… Read More
This poem tells of a seemingly well orchestrated plan to terminate the life of Jesus Christ and which seemed to have been a resounding success until something went wrong. Read More
A poem that tells of what Christ accomplished for humanity through his death on the cross of Calvary. Read More
While Islam denies both the Sonship of Jesus Christ and the requirement of a Ransom Sacrifice, the Qur'an, however, provides internal evidences that testify to the truth that Jesus is indeed the Son of God. Surprisingly the Qur'an also contains an incident where a Ransom Sacrifice had to be made… Read More
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