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What happens when you occupy another’s land can manifest into a violent response. A foreign garrison is under severe attack, their salvation is the massive air support. While the ground battle rages the salvation faces the gauntlet of a prepared enemy air defense. Who wins the contest? Story’s bedrock is… Read More
Its a short science fiction poem from the modern world. Read More
This is my entry to The Novelists comp. I had to include a ship called Boast Leader. I hope it is not to hard to read it's 'supposed' to be a cockney accent so if your not sure then and a 'h' to the beginning a 't' in in the… Read More
The world's weather and the jet stream Read More
Before I start posting chapter of this novel I have written I'd like to post a teaser to see the reaction. Jet Plane is about a young adult named Audrey who moved from her father's home in New Jersey to live in Washington with her mother because of her struggle… Read More
Nathan gets sent away to camp for spring break, for the fifth year. but will this year be any different? Read More
Jetta- Jet to friends- is a grumpy, sassy, all around bad ass goth girl sent to a prepped up boarding school by her dad. Fun, huh? Yea, what makes it even better is she now has to go to school with her jack-ass ex best friend, and almost love. Some… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A day in the life of accountant Fred Kiblet. Read More

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April 07, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Claire Bunch is an ordinary 15-year-old-- or was! One year ago, she was bitten by a vampire without even knowing it, until a month before present. Everything will be alright, she thinks-- she'll keep her secret from everyone but herself, and live the life she's been living for fifteen years.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

My first try at a limerick - and notice that Jack in this poem is NOT me! It's just funny, and silly. Read More
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