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What could a young, teenage boy from the slums of India want with Jigoku Shoujo? This story, written as much as possible in the style and spirit of the anime, Jigoku Shoujo, follows the hardships of Kajal and his little sister Selma, as Kajal struggles to protect her. It is… Read More
Two Jigoku Shoujo episodes, entitled "Insult to Injury" and "Mother and Father", with a third scenario as the Prologue and Epilogue. Though this is a fanfiction, it is a serious fanfiction, and I tried to make the story profound, just as most Jigoku Shoujo episodes are. Read More
The Girl From Hell or Jigoku Shoujo in Japanese, she is the deliverer of hatred and vengeance. This is a fanfiction from the series itself 'Jigoku Shoujo'. On this plot, the Girl from Hell will claim Meyer's life, as one concerned citizen will risk himself for the common good. This… Read More
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