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The Booksie Classic House

"But I'm just your fan,other army's will for sure attack me and ruin your reputation..." "Then they're not armys if they are not happy for me" Lee y/n,who lives a very intriguing and interesting life comes across this band called BTS and falls into their rabbit hole that she can't… Read More
Hey yet another idea... how many will I make I swear. Anyway you are part of a band that’s a k pop group sorry but u have seven members because obviously I mean come on here and the group is called 13am don’t judge the name ok it was last… Read More
Hey back agian with another BTS jimin fanfic concept! Hope you like this one as well! Kudos to my best friend who suggested this story!!! Read More
Hey guys! Back again here with another jimin fanfic THIS ONE WILL NOT BE UPDATED AS OFTEN AS FROM BASIC ARMY TO GF OF JIMIN DUE TO POPULARITY. Thank you for understanding. Read More
Hi so this is the prequel to finding ur way. Uhm I hope you like it! Keep in mind everything said in this book is korean but obviously type in English so u can read it. (This means all of the characters are speaking korean to each other but it… Read More
You (Sienna) have been gf to jimin from BTS for a while. ( prequel coming soon) mostly other members tell the story from their view of how u and jimin pushed through self hate and regret. Read More

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The bts bxb House

Continue ? there are punishments and tortures and if you don't like it don't read it please comment other ships you would like me to do Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When you go to a BTS concert and literally are pushed into their lives. Read More

Tags: bts, jimin, bangtan, j-hope

"I was trapped in this cage of torment and all I ever did is to need you, long for you, miss you. And you weren't even there." Read More
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