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The Booksie Classic House

About a fine retired engineer who is very loving and intelligent to me and all around him/ Johnny "2x4" from "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy" (1999) replica! Read More
Isaiah is wary of the old man who presumably lives on an old bench in his neighborhood. When a dare initiates a strange encounter between Isaiah and the old man, he's left stunned and clueless. Read More
taken from my book, "In The Sand Traps Of Desire" Read More
This is the completely politically correct response to my letter explaining that videotaping a person collecting a urine drug screen test as opposed to having a live same sex observer in the room was against the 4th amendment of the Constitution. Read More
“G. I. Joe: the rise of cobra” screenplay written by hanno alexander ridal raudsepp directed by nude sophia copolla, oliver stone, and francis ford copolla Dream cast Hanno Raudsepp as Cobra Commander / G. I. Joe Winona Ryder as the Baroness Scarlett Johannson as Evil, tragic Scarlet and innocent hippie… Read More
You and Joe have been living together for a couple of weeks now and Joe starts filming a video but before anything gets serious, you want to make a silly video with him. Read More
This story is about a scientist named Joe who accidentally brought back the dead and is on a mission to save the town before its too late. Read More
Entire Manuscript to DISCRIMINATION: A True Story about Randy Pettitt and the Plantation Fire Department Read More
I go to become a shampoo designer when my idea goes out of hand Read More
Adam Jonas is a 17 year old boy who have got some problems in love. One day he decide to go and ask his parents how to find true love. Read More
One beautiful normal girl who have got two wonderfull perents and amazing friends is going to meet a boy... A boy who is better stay away from..... A boy who only mean Danger.... A boy who is bad news. Ia that Girl going to be away from the bad boy???? Read More

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October 23, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Don't be to quick to judge someone based on their lifestyle, such as a person who lives on the streets, or a prostitute. You never know their stories or what they had to go through. Read More

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June 18, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem about the Joe Shmoe's of the world; comment/like thanks. Read More
A guy who loves donuts eats himself... Read More
Taz Lee is twelve year old boy who had always thought he was a regular kid that was growing up fast and just trying to fit in. So in doing that he ends up going to a party to get wasted in which doesn’t end up going well for him.… Read More
Last Time... Kimi and Alex was in a bit of a death trap but Kimi goes back to mum and dad while Alex stays with sarah though it's not long until pressure takes over Alex and Sarah something will happen? well... Read More
Some believe true love happens only once in your lifetime. Read More
This is the story that the Plantation fire Department wants to hide. Read More
My first few years as a volunteer firefighter with the Plantation Fire Department located in Plantation, Florida. Read More
I am writing this story with my dad. I thank that it is funny and kids will love it! Read More
I married Joe DiMaggio Jr. when I was seventeen and he was twenty-one. These blog series are about my connection to Marilyn Monroe the movie star. But it was Norma Jeane who was my young husbands friend, step-mother, idealized woman and sexual fantasy. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

**Finished** Callie Wilson is a seventeen year old who makes a lot of mistakes one which ends her to stay with her father for the summer a man she hated with every part of her. He has remarried and she now has a two step brother's and a step sister… Read More
"But all that seemed rather insignificant with the lust and thrill to make a mangled bloody mess of my opponent surging through my body. I looked ahead to the bright lights glaring down at me as I walked into its fame and glamorous aura for the last time. The stage… Read More
Why i love Joe McELDERRY even though people always ask why and tell me he is gay.I KNOW HE IS GAY ! I made this poem in 2009 because i was sick of people telling me not to like Joe because of his sexuality ! Read More
erin and joe go to a cafe and have a cup of ice tea and a cup of ice tea and we talk and then we start to leave the cafe and we go outside and we have a kiss under the moon light. Read More

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