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Admired Ocho Rios businessman and philanthropist Joe Issa who chairs the Board of Directors of The St. Ann Development Company (SADCO), which invests heavily in tourism, is backing the proposed new tourism linkages network policy to deliver higher growth of Jamaica’s tourism and encourage increased stakeholder ownership of the sector. Read More
Following what has been the introduction of a series of measures to uplift Jamaica’s Crime image, including the just-passed Integrity Commission Bill, another crime-fighting tool is coming on stream – geospatial technology – which has been welcomed by tech-savvy Businessman Joe Issa. Read More
Chairman of the advisory board of the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) Joe Issa, is wishing all Jamaicans and visitors safe travel during the festive season. Read More
Businessman and philanthropist Joe Issa who is known to spend millions of dollars a year on the education of Jamaican children is touting government policy geared towards improving education and productivity. Read More
As a new era of Jamaican justice takes center stage in public discourse, Mediator Joe Issa, whose aim is to inspire young people, shares a conflict resolution guide which has been prepared for the Caribbean and Latin America, stating “it is useful for the early detection of a looming… Read More
Businessman Joe Issa, who leverages his Cool Corp brand internationally, has commended the authorities for moving towards closing the information gap to better enable exporters to take advantage of trade agreements to increase exports, stating that trading in Jamaica is already too complicated and needed to be simplified and… Read More
Former economics student at the renowned UK-based London School of Economics and Political Science Joe Issa has said that, if the Tourism industry is to contribute more towards economic growth, its competitiveness which has been falling over the years must be restored. Read More
Chairman of the advisory board of the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA), Joe Issa, has hailed incoming and outgoing stalwarts of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF). Read More
Joe Issa, a recognized Ocho Rios civic leader and qualified conflict mediator with the requisite number of hours under his belt, has welcomed the introduction of a mobile legal aid unit to serve the country’s underserved inner-city and rural communities, stating it will assist in bringing closure more quickly… Read More
Famed Ocho Rios civic leader Joe Issa has congratulated Usain Bolt on copping the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Male Athlete of The Year award, yet again. IAAF, the 215-member world governing body for athletics headquartered in Monaco in the French Riviera, dubbed “land of the rich and… Read More
St. Ann’s Chamber of Commerce Past President Advisory Committee member Joe Issa has tipped the economic growth momentum experienced in 2016 to continue into 2017. Read More
As the role of commercial banks in national development once again takes centre stage over what is described as the “high bank fees” charged to customers, analysts unearth evidence that former bank director Joe Issa does not support more regulation but instead, more competition. Read More
Observers were tracking the positive developments taking place in the Jamaican economy since last year and into this year, concur with businessman Joe Issa that the light which he saw at the end of the tunnel at the dawning of 2017 was in reality not another in-coming train, but… Read More
As 2017 emerges from the twilight of a year he characterised as a landmark in the recovery of the Jamaican economy, member of the St. Ann Chamber of Commerce Past President Advisory Committee Joe Issa is urging continued good governance, stating “it pays for your business as well as… Read More
Tourism guru Joe Issa, who is believed to know a thing or two about monetizing Jamaica’s heritage for the benefit of communities where they exist, has backed a call for support in maintaining the country’s heritage infrastructure. “As a proud and respectful people, we ought not to… Read More
As the fifth largest Fortune 500 brand disappears from Jamaica after adorning the landscape for nearly a century, the Joe Issa-led Cool Group which once owned it pays tribute to the Royal Dutch Shell Group of energy and petrochemical companies for its sterling contribution to the people and economy… Read More
Former President of the St. Ann Chamber of Commerce Joe Issa says Security is an imperative for doing business all over the world today and Jamaica is no exception. Read More
Successful Ocho Rios business leader and philanthropist Joe Issa, who has won enough local and international awards to cover an entire wall in his office, says he likes Bolts’ urging of athletes to emulate his achievements, especially as they didn’t come easy and took tough work. Read More
Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Ocho Rios businessman Joe Issa, has been called to serve on the 12-member Board of Directors of the National Insurance Fund (NIF). Read More
Member of the St. Ann Chamber of Commerce Past President Advisory Committee Joe Issa has welcomed the latest addition to the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) calendar of events, describing it as an “excellent” idea and a ‘shot in the arm’ for Jamaican businesses and the economy. Read More
Research suggests that business and civic leader Joe Issa could easily have been among the majority of respondents in a survey who voted overwhelmingly no to Britain’s offer to build a giant prison in Jamaica. Read More
Joe Issa, a well-known financial wizard and bright tourism spark turned health, and wellness enthusiast has backed the government to improve the country’s capacity to diagnose and treat viral infections, claiming this would reduce pressure on families, improve workforce productivity and save the country valuable foreign exchange in an… Read More
The Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) chairman Joe Issa, is hailing the construction of a new head office for PICA as an excellent move to enhance staff morale and customer service, stating it will impact effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. Read More
Joe Issa, a former Student of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where he founded his first charity to assist underprivileged Jamaican children, has said in an interview, that stable, low inflation best suit small island states like Jamaica with less resilience to economic shocks, stating… Read More
Last year at this time one of Jamaica largest indigenous petroleum dealers, Joe Issa, was urging world leaders ahead of COP 21 Paris Conference to reduce global warming. Issa’s call came amid fears of imminent catastrophe in Jamaica by the end of this century if global warming… Read More
On behalf of myself and the various teams of the Cool Group of companies, I would like to express condolences to the family and business associates of Brian George, on the occasion of his untimely passing. Read More
Member of the Ocho Rios Chamber of Commerce Past President Advisory Committee Joe Issa has welcomed new Chief of Defence Staff of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Brigadier Rocky Meade to his command post, as he replaces Major General Antony Anderson, under whom he served for five years of his… Read More
In a New Year’s interview about his reflections of 2016, the crime issue and how it portrays and impacts the country, famous Ocho Rios business leader Joe Issa, has said that despite the mayhem being caused by an insignificant yet impactful minority, Jamaica is not a bad country, even… Read More
Executive Chairman of Cool Group of over 50 companies Joe Issa, whose business model has been likened to that of his colleague, Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group of over 400 companies, has wished Jamaica well in the upcoming International Business Model Competition (IBMC), stating it could spawn Jamaica’s next… Read More
Consistent with the centuries-old debate that good means more than just kindness, philanthropist and Eucharistic Minister Joe Issa wants more goodies for Jamaica in the coming year, citing what he calls the elusive trio – peace, love and prosperity. Read More
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