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The new leader of the Plus Sized Club flexes his tribal muscle and enters into a supernatural horror story. Read More
A continuation of the story of the Jared's club and the work it does on human mutation and saving a girl's life. Read More
Jared's new club offers a promise for a postive human evolution and saves the life of a young girl. Read More
Nikki Barazan saves herself from becoming a lifeless zombie in the clutches of a lecherous maniac. Read More
Brooke Nescott is reunited with her former lover under eerie circumstances. Read More
A dying man relates the truth behind an incredible legend. Read More
Brooke Nescott examines the issue of racism with terrifying after effects. Read More
A student pursuing a horrendous murder makes an astonishing discovery. Read More
A boy driven to desperation descends into a terrifying underworld to retrieve his best friend. Read More
A prep school graduate intoxicated by a strange skill veers away from evil toward good and finds a kind of eternal romance. Read More
The long-awaited stewards of the human race arrive in a much different way than anticipated. Read More
Two film location scouts find love in an afterlife. Film production at its worst. Read More
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