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Sherlock has a secret. A secret that haunts his life and every deduction he makes. Will everything work out or will things finally fall apart for Sherlock. Love is a strange thing. Johnlock! Read More
This story follows the lives of Sherlock Holmes-Watson and his lover John Holmes-Watson's two sons, Hamish and Codryss, as the young eighteen-year-olds solve their own cases, going on many adventures and into copious amounts of trouble along their way. Read More
John is distraught after Sherlock's fall, so much that he can't even face going back to Baker Street for the night. He goes to the only person who doesn't make him think of Sherlock. Jemima Felicity Jones, an old friend from the army whose life he saved when her legs… Read More
This is my analysis of Sherlock S03E01 and my opinion about the relationship between John and Sherlock. Read More
How does John react to going back to work in Scotland yard after Sherlock jumped? Building chapters. Read More
Placed after Reichenbach fall, John learns how much meaning colors can have. JohnLock. BBC Sherlock. Read More
John gets drunk and Sherlock worries about him Read More
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